Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s new “The Haunted Frontier” Trailer

If you have patience the game can be lots of fun and now here is a look at the new update.

Blackbird Interactive and Focus Home Interactive’s acclaimed sandbox spaceship salvaging game Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s new “The Haunted Frontier” update is now live on Steam Early Access. This latest content drop introduces a ghostly ship type to discover and dismantle, new and perilous mysteries, collectible stickers, bug fixes and improvements. And what timing: you can grab the game for 25% off on Steam from now until Nov. 2!

Ghost ships are eerie, empty vessels that have been mysteriously drifting through space. Each wreck has dangerous AI nodes left behind by an unknown force which must be found and destroyed before the objects they are attached to are recycled. But as you do so, the ship’s condition will deteriorate: lights will malfunction, air might be sucked out of the room, and you may even hear something spooky! Any ship can be a ghost ship, bringing a new layer of challenge to the vessels you salvage.

The good news is you can now display your hard-earned achievements on your cutter with stickers! Completing certain tasks and lifetime goals will unlock these new badges of honor you can carry with you on the job.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker’s passionate community has proven hugely important to the game’s development in early access. Beyond new ships, components and optimizations, a number of highly requested features have already made their way into the game since release, including Open Shift mode, which lets players relax and play without time or oxygen restrictions, and the new Weekly Ship leaderboard RACE. Take a look at the game’s roadmap on Steam for a full look at what’s coming down the line — between new campaign acts, ships, tools and more, the adventure is just getting started!

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is available now on Steam Early Access and in development for consoles.