Talking My Dad’s Christmas Date With Actress Hadar Cats

Recently I spoke with Hadar Cats about her new movie and career.

Hadar has a lead role in My Dad’s Christmas Date (Jeremy Piven, Anna Watson) debuting in theaters and VOD on Amazon/Hulu November 6th. The story centers around a father/husband grieving over the loss of his wife and his teenage daughter looking to ameliorate that by setting up online dating profiles to find him a date for Christmas. Hadar’s character ‘Emma’ is the best friend helping in the hi-jinx to bring her friend’s family together. Watch the trailer here:


How did you start out acting?

I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I was always part of every school production possible, which is what got me started. It wasn’t until I did my GCSE exam at school (it’s a UK exam you take), where my mother began to understand that acting wasn’t just a hobby but a passion that I was determined to pursue.

Was there something about My Dad’s Christmas Date that made you gravitate toward it?

I was struck by the character of Emma and her quirky, bubbly personality. I saw a lot in common between myself and the character. It was a role I felt I could embody wholly. I also found solace with the family element of the film and the story arc’s pursuit of redemption. That’s something that appealed to me a lot!

How were you able to connect to your character Emma for the film?

Emma’s got a very strong personality. She is an outgoing, positive person, and that’s an attitude I try and cultivate in myself. I felt there was a personal connection and nexus point that was a real joy to explore during the making of the film.

Without giving too much away, do you have a favorite scene in the film?

I enjoyed every scene, yet probably my favourite was the incense scene. I remember spending the entire time between takes (and during actually) laughing with Olivia-Mai Barrett (who plays the character of Jules). We had such a good time! It’s a special scene for me because it was the last scene filmed before the Christmas break.

If you could describe Emma in 5 words, what words would you choose?

I would call her extroverted, loyal, fun-loving, positive and, I know this isn’t one word, but more-to-her-than-meets-the-eye!

So My Dad’s Christmas Date is set during the holiday season, what makes the holidays special to you?

Christmas has always been an important time for me. I have very fond memories of watching Christmas films with my family like Love Actually, and I think I tapped into some of that festive atmosphere when playing Emma.

When not on set what are some of your favorite things to do?

When I’m not on set, I enjoy horse riding and actually compete competitively. I’ve done since I was three years old. I enjoy reading, travelling, listening to music (Ariana Grande for sure) and spending time with my pets (3 dogs, 1 cat).

Are there any other projects you are working on currently that you are excited about?

There are many exciting things in the works, but mum’s the word for now!