The Role APIs Play in Making Games More Interactive

Application programming interfaces basically allow two applications to communicate with one another. Gaming APIs enable programs and software applications to interact to share embedded content like game rules, settings, and specifications. But APIs do not only make it easier for data to interact. APIs also play a role in making games more interactive for the players.

APIs for Popular Video Games

There are many different APIs for specific video games that help the games be more interactive in various ways. You can discover here some of the best gaming APIs. Each one differs in its data and features. Top APIs include:

  • The EVE API: In 2005, the EVE API was launched. It enables third-party application developers to access data for the extremely popular EVE Online game. Developers can access data for things like market groups, corporation information, and game character information.
  • The Guild Wars 2 API: Also released in 2005, the Guild Wars 2 API enables developers to create third-party applications and access data from the fantasy Guild Wars 2 game programmatically. API endpoints include map information, guilds, items, events, and much more.
  • The Minecraft Server API: This API queries server statistics for the incredibly popular Minecraft game. You can access data for things like player lists, server status, and plug-in lists.

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Google Play Games Services

Google Play is the app distribution platform for Google on Android. It uses various APIs to make gaming more interactive. Google Play Games Services facilitates numerous interactions, from events to campaigns, as well as systems for handling multiplayer games. APIs also help games’ text elements to be automatically translated, and the most popular development libraries have plug-ins. Without APIs, Google Play’s services would not be as interactive as they are.

iOS Game Center

Apple’s Game Center is a service that enables users to play online multiplayer social gaming network games with friends. The games are able to share multiplayer functionality between the iOS and Mac versions of the app, making for a greater player experience. Developers utilize the iOS Game Center and its GameplayKit and ReplayKit frameworks to enable players to invite their friends to play games with them. In addition to playing alongside or against your friends, you can also share videos and pictures of your best moments from a game with your friends on social media sites. There is no doubt that the iOS Game Center has made gaming more interactive, but it would not be possible without APIs.


Twitch is the leading live streaming video service for video games in the United States. Although the Amazon-owned platform primarily focuses on live streaming games, particularly esports tournaments, users also stream music broadcasts, creative content, and more. The content on Twitch can be viewed live or on-demand. Modern streaming platforms do not get more interactive than that, but it would not be possible without developers using APIs behind the scenes. The APIs used by Twitch include:

  • Video Upload API, for uploading videos recorded with Twitch for live streaming.
  • PubSub, for fast and continuous connections between two platforms where messages and statuses can be shared.
  • Drops, for granting in-game rewards to gaming communities.