EZcast Reveals New Hardware Solutions

Looks like some interesting gear.

EZCast released QuattroPod USB, an entirely new product designed as an enterprise solution featuring wireless display, split-screen mode, and multiple display. This exciting new device intends to transform the way in which presenters transmit their ideas in the conference and meeting rooms. It will enable a wide way of modes in which it can be used. QuattroPod USB delivers a great performance with immersive and fast image display.

QuattroPod USB combines the incredible features of QuattroPod Standard (T01) and QuattroPod Mini (T02) to be the most efficient and portable wireless display solution in the market,” said Stan Chen, Product Director at EZCast. “The QuattroPod series is one of our most popular releases for enterprise users due to its easiness and reliability. It counts with a remarkable display and elegant design. In this way, we re-engineered it to deliver an amazing performance in an all-in-one solution.”


The Innovation of QuattroPod USB

The biggest innovation of QuattroPod USB (U01) is a single cable solution (SCS). A single cable solution serves as a power cable and can simultaneously be used for data transmission. Including the advantages of the previous QuattroPod series, such as plug and cast, multiple display, and split screen, QuattroPod USB also features high compatibility and portability that allows you to take it everywhere owing to its small size. Equipped with USB Type A and USB Type C adapter, QuattroPod USB will fit into any devices in the modern generation.


A great help for Enterprise Users

Enterprise users can share their screens or contents over USB-A or USB-C port. This solution works perfectly for both interfaces. The different modes of this product help it to cover a wide range of enterprise users who have the need for wireless screen mirroring. With this new product, the professionals will never have to worry about the compatibility with their computers anymore. Moreover, the function of smart touchback has also been upgraded. In addition to computer devices, it now also supports mobile devices.

Core Competitive functions of QuattroPod USB:

  1. Support BYOD casting, including Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS
  2. Support split-screen mode with up to four users sharing to one screen
  3. Support smart touchback function for mobile and computer devices
  4. Single cable solutions, one cable for power supply and data transmission
  5. App-free and app modes
  6. Legacy device (USB-A) and modern device (USB-C) friendly

How it works

QuattroPod USB transmitter has three kinds of modes.

  • Type USB-C: As technology advances, the USB-C connector offers comfort due to its reversible design and is intended to be the successor to all the previous ones (Type A and B). QuattroPod USB offers a modern solution that can be connected with modern devices. This port also offers the potential for much higher transfer speed than USB-A. Differentiating from other mirroring solutions that require their own app to be installed on users’ laptops, this mode is an app-free solution and allows enterprise users to avoid the complicated process of installing app on their devices.
  • USB Type A: An app required mode, where the installation of QuattroPod App for windows or mac on your laptop is required. The interface of USB Type A allows all the enterprise users to access the products without any hassle.
  • Mobile: This is a specific mode designed for mobile, perfectly functioning on iOS and Android devices. When switched to this mode, the cable serves as a power cable and the data source comes directly from your mobile port.