World Of Warcraft Announces Pre-Expansion Scourge Event

Fan are going to likely love this news.

With Sylvanas Windrunner’s shattering of the Lich King’s Helm of Domination, the restless Scourge begin to wreak havoc across Azeroth. Now, champions of the Horde and the Alliance are being called upon to face this threat in our new pre-expansion event—live now until Shadowlands launches on November 23!
This two-part Scourge event comes as part of the pre-expansion
content update introduced last month, which features:
  • Revamped leveling experience taking players to the new level cap of 50, which will increase to level 60 in Shadowlands.
  • Exile’s Reach, a complete overhaul of WoW’s new player experience with its own epic story and introducing new and returning players to the game’s core elements.
  • Hundreds of new character customization options.
  • Item and stat level adjustments to support the new level adjustments.
The World of Warcraft YouTube page also has a story trailer for the Scourge event, as well as a host of
videos in case you missed them: the Shadowlands story trailer, and epic fly-throughs that give players a taste of the sights and sounds of the new zones coming in Shadowlands.