Tom Hanks stars and wrote the screenplay for “Greyhound” which was adapted from the novel The Good Sheppard C.S. Forester and it provides a gripping and intense WWII story.


Hanks plays Captain Krause who is assigned to dangerous convoy duty across the North Atlantic. Commanding the Greyhound; he and his crew not only face cold weather and rough seas but the constant threat from enemy U-Boats.

Krause has not been sleeping or eating much as his thoughts are on his job and his girl Evelyn (Elisabeth Shue) who has told him she does not want to marry him until after the war is over as she does not want to be a wife whose husband is away and in danger constantly.

Eventually the Greyhound is forced into action as deadly U-Boat attacks have hit the convoy forcing Krause to play a deadly and high-stakes game with the boats that are in the water around them and this involves dark nights where they know the enemy can strike at any moment.

The film has some very good and intense action sequences and I learned that not one drop of water was used in the film as the sequences were all done digitally versus in a water tank.


Hanks does a great job of playing his character as a business first Captain who puts his mission and crew first and is forced to make life and death decisions in a very and intense situation.

The film is very enjoyable and one of our best films of the year and is one not to miss if you are an Apple TV subscriber.

4.5 stars out of 5