3 Casino Slots That Might Appeal to Gamers

Video games are a significant source of entertainment, of that there is no doubt. Offering stunning visuals, superb gameplay, and enjoyable storylines, these games can immerse us into imaginary worlds, of which we play a major part.

If there was a drawback, it would be that there is no way of making money when playing most games. It would be great if we could play for a bit of fun while also having the ability to win money at the same time.

One option we do have is to play online slot games at online casinos. These do offer a mix of fun and the potential to win money. Even better is the fact that there have been many online slots developed that are based on some popular video game franchises.

We have listed three casino slots that might appeal to gamers, but there are quite a few more if you were to go looking:

Worms Reloaded

Fans of the popular Worms franchise that has spanned two decades will appreciate the effort and quality that Blueprint Gaming has put into the Worlds Reloaded slot. Famous for its simple but exciting gameplay, Worms and its sequels were and still are, played on consoles around the world.

The slot contains similar cartoon-style graphics and features all the regular characters from the video game. Many of the grenades, banana bombs, super sheep, jetpacks, and the other items used in the game have also made their way into Worms Reloaded via four bonus rounds and five modifiers.

  • 20-Paylines
  • 5-Reels
  • 4 Bonus Rounds
  • 66% RTP

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Speaking of video game franchises,

free spins that are based on popular games, and there are not many as successful as Call of Duty. Released by Cryptologic more than a decade ago, this slot may feel a little dated compared to more modern releases. The video slot does still contain more than enough in terms of graphics and features to satisfy the most avid of COD fans.

Among the bonus features on the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare online slot are wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and multipliers. Those combined with a top payout of $100,000 make this a lucrative slot that will appeal to players of all games and not just first-person shooters.

  • 25-Paylines
  • 5-Reels
  • 5,000x top payout
  • RTP of 95.29%

Lara Croft Temples and Tombs

The newest of the slots featured in this article, Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs was released by Microgaming in 2019. An industry leader, Microgaming has had a longstanding relationship with Square Enix and the infamous Tomb Raider franchise. Starting with Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in 2004, Microgaming then developed Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword in 2008.

Fast forward 12-years and we finally got to enjoy their third slot rendition of the heroic Lara Croft who originally made her name as a video game all-action adventurer. As well as massively improved graphics, the new slot also makes use of the 243-ways-to-win mechanic and offers bonus features such as free spins, rolling reels, multipliers, and 3 jackpots.

  • 5-reels
  • 243-ways-to-win
  • 3 Jackpots
  • 05% RTP


Online slots are not likely to replace the high energy adrenaline inducing action that the best video games produce. They do, however, give you a chance to have some fun while trying to win some money or cryptocurrency!

The above is just a selection of the video games-based slots that can be enjoyed at online casinos. Among many others, you can play slots online such as Hitman, Resident Evil, and Bloodrayne; all video game franchises that have proved to be global successes.