Intellevision Approved To Offer Shares To The Public

If you ever wanted to own part of a game company; Intellevision is now offering people a chance.

Intellivision Entertainment today announced the FGS – Intellivision – Amico offering through the Intellivision partnership with Fig Publishing, Inc., has just been qualified by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission). To date, with the FGS – Intellivision offering:


· Over $6.1 million already invested through Fig

· Over 2200 Fig Investors to date

· $15 Million maximum total investment cap

“Over the past few years, a lot of people have asked us about investing in our company and vision. Until now, that barrier of entry was very high for most people,” says Tommy Tallarico, CEO at Intellivision. “Through Fig’s offering of shares of Fig Gaming Shares – Amico, non-accredited and accredited investors (i.e. anyone!) can now earn returns based off of the Amico’s success, with a minimum investment of $1,000.”


To learn more about investing in Intellivision, click here