The Comic-Con Museum Adds Pac-man To Their Hall Of Fame

Interesting choice here but a true landmark in Pop Culture.

The Comic-Con Museum is thrilled to announce PAC-MAN™ as the
second inductee into the Museum's Character Hall of Fame
( ! With his
introduction in 1980, PAC-MAN™ has made a profound impact on the video game industry
and popular culture as a whole.
For an entire generation, PAC-MAN™ ignited a love of video and arcade games. Those
of us who were there for the start of PAC-MAN™ remember going to the arcade and
lining up for a chance to play while our friends stood around and cheered on. We
were able to connect with PAC-MAN™ on an emotional level in a way we hadn’t with
other video game characters.
As we reflect on 40 years of PAC-MAN™ we are grateful for his contributions to
popular culture, for the many decades of fun he has provided to us all, and we look
forward to what he will bring us in the future.
Please join us as we celebrate PAC-MAN™ and his many accomplishments during the
Virtual Induction Ceremony on December 17, 2020. Please join us!
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