Bitcoin slots vs traditional ones

How does online Bitcoin casino work

Online Bitcoin casino players get several undeniable benefits in comparison to fiat currency casino players. Blockchain technology popped-up in 2009 when Bitcoin started to release within the world financial market. The uniqueness and very high level of safety made blockchain an unbeatable competitor to traditional ways of online payment. Hundreds of altcoins appeared after Bitcoin are using the same technology.

In simple words, blockchain technology allows us to create a big net of computers that receive informational blocks and write them down after verification. A new block cannot be included in a chain if the previous one was not confirmed. These actions help to provide all the financial manipulations safely.

So, why is it better to play slots with Bitcoins and provide payments within the blockchain? In terms of the online Bitcoin casino system, blockchain technology is irreplaceable when it comes to fast and secure payments. However, the main advantage of the blockchain for gambling is total anonymity. That allows gamers to play from any place on Earth being able to bypass restrictions that may appear.

The configuration of slot machines

Of course, not only Bitcoin slots USA gamblers and gamblers from other countries widely exploit in an online Bitcoin casino. There are many types and modifications of modern slot machines. The video slot can have up to five paylines and up to two hundred and forty-three reels. Normally, classic slots have 5 paylines and three reels.

Verified slots are equipped with an essential feature that is called a currency detector. This instrument is vital when it comes to identifying the counterfeit of a currency the player bets. Currency detectors use different complicated tests to prove currency validity. This slot machine’s function eliminates the risks of other gamblers.

Some slots are manufactured for specific countries. The gambling software providers use these technologies to fit regulations for casinos in a particular country. Such manufacturers are Platipus, BGaming, IGTech, and others. Sometimes this feature is applied to some parts of the slot functions. For example, in some casinos, some slots have free spins bonus only for players from the USA or Australia.

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The differences between Bitcoin slots and traditional ones

The difference and a big advantage of Bitcoin slots compared to slots that are played using fiat currency is higher game fairness. Imagine the house edge of fiat video slots can be from 3% to 15% when for Bitcoin slots it is much lower. How is it possible? Online Bitcoin casinos are using other algorithms that make it easier for players to win.

One more difference of Bitcoin slots is a very high level of security – the online Bitcoin casino system can guarantee gamblers their winnings will be fast and safely withdraw. The regular online casino system can easily be hacked in case the hacker knows what he is doing.

Besides, another important difference between Bitcoin slots is the variety of games is much more than for regular casinos. Plus, some software providers specialize only in Bitcoin slots.