Are The Lack Of Easy Streaming Options Compared To The PS5 And PC A Disadvantage For The Xbox Series X/S

I have had a checked history with Xbox systems ranging from units not working out of the box to breaking a few days after purchase. As such; I opted not to get the Xbox One system but did decide to get an Xbox Series S when the opportunity arose.

While the PC is my main platform I also use our PS5 and before that the PS4 for exclusives and some other games which to me are better suited to a console.

I opted to give the new system a try as the Xbox Live was a great option and being able to play with my son and our Granddaughter on games that do not feature crossplay was very enticing.

While I have enjoyed my time with the system I have to say I am really shocked at how limited and cumbersome streaming is on the console. I am used to being able to stream directly to You Tube, Twitch, etc. easily on our PS4 and the PS5 allows me to do much the same even if it comes with some different steps than with the prior system.

The Xbox Series S only allowed me to upload a short clip to Xbox Live or use a Twitch App to broadcast. The fact that I have to jump between the app and the game is also cumbersome compared to what is offered by Playstation and Shadowplay or other option for the PC.

While I know there are devices which Xbox users have used to capture video so they can edit and upload it; my point is that this seems to be a very cumbersome option and something that I think that Xbox has really dropped the ball on.

Twitch and You Tube are filled with streams and clips and one would think with more and more people taking part in streams and game uploads that Xbox would have made sure this was an easy and featured part of their new systems.

One of the best ways to promote a game is for media members to stream unedited gameplay from a game pre-release or to upload gameplay hints and great moments in gaming.

While this does not matter too many gamers; for someone like me it does affect how I would want to play some games going forward. For example; when the new Halo game arrives; I am more likely to play it on PC than I would on a console so I can easily capture the gameplay.

The new systems are offering the latest in gaming technology to consumers and are attempting to encourage people to get the new Xbox versus or in addition to that of their rivals but are missing a big part of the modern gaming experience in my opinion.

The Nintendo Switch allows capture card when docked and as I said I know this can be done for the Xbox. My point is that a state of the art console in my opinion should make streaming as easy as possible especially when the systems competition offers this feature with more options and ease.

It does seem clear that this is not a focus for Xbox which is odd as I would think that the company would be eager for those fortunate enough to have been able to obtain their system to be flooding footage online of how well games look and play on their systems.

Hopefully future updates will come which will expand the streaming options for players as for now; it seems to be a disadvantage at launch for the new system which has otherwise impressed with its performance.