Beast Mode

Greetings & Salutations Fellow Movie Fanatics

I hope you and those near and dear to you continue to be well and safe. These are indeed uncertain times. There’s really know other way to say it is there? As they say in the entertainment industry “The Show Must Go On” … Yes? Considering the state of the world one might think twice or otherwise reconsider watching a horror movie as a temporary outlet or escape from the reality of the situation. In this case however, today’s selection for your consideration is so far out there it’s classification as ‘horror’ might be called into question. I hope I don’t spoil it right off the bat but in this case, I feel it’s necessary to point out that this is perhaps the worst horror movie of the year. Easily. The premise could’ve easily been formulated by someone who had just started grammar school. That does NOT ruin the movie. In fact, that’s one of the reasons it’s so brilliant. Combine THAT over-the-top blood and prosthetics with cheesy special effects. It is indeed a horror film but once you take the time to view the movie you’ll see what I mean.

‘Beast Mode’ (for the record has absolutely nothing to do with NFL star Marshawn Lynch) is a 2020 horror film written/directed by Chris W. Freeman and Spain Willingham with co-writer Drew Fortune. The film stars C.Thomas Howell, Leslie Easterbrook, James Duval, James Hong, Ray Wise, Constance Brenneman, Teddy Margas, Robert Costanzo, Daz Crawford, Douglas Bennett, Allana Matheis, Suzanne Quast, Aaron Scotti, Carrie Finklea, Sherry Edwards, Albert Minero Jr., Steve Fix, Isabella Cascarano, J.T. Jackson, Adam Zastrow, Thomas Downey, Kristina Ho, Robert Lutz, Christian Dubey, Luccia Rivera, Big Mike Mitchell, David Castro, Patricia Kalis, Stephen Chang, Vanessa Barco, Melissa Ricci, and Teodor Falcon.

Breen Nash (Howell) is a 21st century Ed Wood. With a succession of unsuccessful films to his credit, he is down to his last chance. After securing the necessary financial backing from producer Pish Rudabker (Hong) he enlists the star power of Hollywood ‘Bad Boy’ Huckle Saxton (Duval). The first domino to fall in this train wreck is the accident death of Saxton at the hands off or more specifically, the rear end of Nash’s car after he accidentally backs over his latest film’s lead. As fate would have it, Nash almost immediately happens upon a look-a-like of Saxton. A bit rough around the edges but a look-a-like nonetheless. Convinced he can still continue production of the film with no one being the wiser, he turns to Zelda Zine (Easterbrook) to assist him in refining Saxton’s look-a-like in order to complete his scheme. Without entirely filling Nash in with all the important details, Zine and Nash take advantage of an ancient medicinal herb in order to complete the transformation of Saxton’s look-a-like. As you may have guessed the important details Zine neglects to tell Nash about are the herbs side effects. The side effects being? Let’s just say it in involves cannibalistic murderous demon-like creatures set lose upon the streets of Los Angeles.

This movie is almost a challenge to classify and describe. These are films that leave you wondering how the hell do films like this get green lit in the first place? It’s so far out there and the WTF? category that it would be even a challenge to mock or make fun of and yet it got made with the participation of few A listers, B movie legends, and television stars. It’s almost like something put together by a group of friends who were given access to cameras, lighting, locations, and carte blanche as far as what they could film. From gore to ridiculous. In the end, it leaves you shaking your head but having no regrets about taking the time to watch. I’m going to give this one 3 out of 5 stars. Watch it. On a Friday or Saturday night. Preferably with snacks and an adult beverage. It’s rated R and obviously NOT for the kids.