Why Football Manager 2021 Is Better Than Its Predecessors!



They say football management simulations are perfect for those who love numbers and statistics. It’s for the same type of people who look for the best bingo sign up bonus and enjoy watching the numbers drawn from drums during bingo sessions. However, Football Manager 2021 is another proof that this franchise is more than trying to find your way through screens filled with numbers. It offers superb graphics and fantastic features that all football fans out there will love!

A Football Manager Game Never Looked Better!

We know that avid FM fans love to scratch under the surface, but let’s start with the obvious first. The visual upgrade will become apparent the moment you start the first match. You can see realistic and fluid animations and notice details like the ball heading into the corner of the net.

It’s nice to see that Sports Interactive implemented some desired changes in the match engine. For example, if your attacker is in front of the keeper, the odds of converting that chance are much higher than before. It’s evident that the match engine is the best feature of FM 2021, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t off-pitch improvements, too.

Convey Your Message the Right Way

We’ll get this out in the open – press conferences in Football Manager are usually dull. It’s probably the same in real life because the reporters keep asking the same questions. However, FM 2021 found a way to make them more interesting – gesticulation.

You can answer a question positively, negatively, or in an uninterested and neutral way. Now, we’ve seen coaches slamming the table in the conference room and storming out, and that’s what you can do in FM 2021. It sounds interesting to smile warmly to a reporter you like but also be angry toward the one you don’t fancy.

Managers can also use gestures when communicating with players. What if you hold a team talk session during halftime and throw a water bottle to demonstrate how angry you are? Yes, this is just a fancy addition for the aggressive reaction that was already present in Football Manager, but it looks much better.

The Expected Goals Concept

Fans also know this as an xG concept, and that’s the most significant background improvement in FM 2021. The idea is to show you how lethal your players are in front of the goal. For example, if the rating is 0.5 xG, and you are up by two, that means footballers are doing a great job. These statistics make it easier to analyse your team’s performance. It will tell you precious info about who’s in poor form and how to improve the squad’s game.

The interface changes manage to streamline your experience in many areas. We didn’t like one thing – the emoticons describing players’ feelings after talking to them. The arrows were easier to understand, but this is a minor downside.

Overall, Football Manager 2021 is a vast improvement compared to the last season. It’s much more appealing to newbies who try this franchise for the first time. At the same time, it offers those small changes that long-term fans will appreciate.