How CES 2021 Will Face New Challenges Linking Companies And Consumers

The Consumer Electronics show or CES as it is known is a haven for the world to gather and celebrate all the latest and greatest in the world of technology. The Las Vegas staple is held in early January and attracts vendors, buyers, media, and industry insiders with its ability to offer a vast array of options. A booth offering the latest in camera technology can be visited in close proximity to items ranging from robotic delivery vehicles, drones, audio equipment, and televisions that take up an entire wall.

While being able to see new items for home, office, and travel are always a big attraction; a large segment of the convention is focused on gaming. From video games to online gaming such as seen at Canadian betting website review; the range of options is impressive and offers something for everyone to enjoy.

While companies such as Razer and Turtle Beach focus on items ranging from gaming mice, headsets, and keyboards; there has been a growing trend of items designed for streaming as well as the mobile phone market. This helps to underscore that consumers are looking for diversity in their entertainment offerings.

Virtual Reality is another emerging technology for gamers as it has evolved from being a niche and costly device to enhance P.C. gaming to a driving force thanks to the advanced technology of modern gaming consoles.

The technology has also seen adaptation by the entertainment industry as a platform to view movies and television shows from companies ranging from Hollywood studios to the Adult Entertainment industry.

As I mentioned this is just a small example of what is available as cell phones, graphic cards, automotive, audio, security, health, sports, and entertainment are also well represented as if you can in any way imagine

The show is evolving in 2021 to offer a digital presentation format. The opening keynote presentations which include companies like Samsung and Sony promise to be filled with announcements regarding future products as well as a look at some that have recently been made available to consumers such as the Playstation 5 system.

One of the biggest challenges will be how to adapt presentations to an online format. While having virtual reveals and trailers from products in nothing new as trailers, images, and press releases are common during the year to announce new technology; CES has long offered a very unique platform.

The ability to speak directly with company representatives is a big factor as is the ability to, see, hear, touch, and experience the technology up close.

An 8K television is an amazing thing but a carefully produced trailer and image cannot fully capture the value of a product the same way as being able to see it in person. A good example of this is with an item such as an ultra-thin HD television. During the 2019 show one was being touted that was a 100 inch plus screen but was less than an inch thick. It looked amazing and being able to walk around the display and see the product from all sides gave rise to a question for me of where the power cable and USB connections would be for the set.

I managed to discover they were on the underside of the unit which was concealed by a display base. While this was impressive it made me think that the unit would not be ideal to be hung on a wall as there would be cables running from it which would be a distraction.

Another challenge will be the matter of audio equipment. A company can tell you all day long how great their headphones and speakers are but the proof is always in the playback and hearing the devices in person is a key factor especially with so many companies touting the benefits of their products.

Regardless of the challenges; CES 2021 will be an interesting experience and it will be great to see what the companies taking part in the show will have to offer.

Since it is Las Vegas; gambling is also a part of the show as items allowing people to play on the go or experience gaming at home are always a big draw. 
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