Just Dance 2021

Just Dance 2021 continues the popular franchise with an abundance of fun and popular song choices that are ideal for beginners and experts alike. If you have not had a chance to experience the franchise; players can opt to play either solo or in small groups as they follow a guide figure through a series of dance moves set to popular songs from the past and present.

Using an app on a Smartphone; players use their phones to mimic the moves that are presented to them after they pick a song and skill level. Upon completion of a song, players are scored and have the option to move on or replay the song to get a better score.

Players can also join a subscription service that makes over 600 songs playable and being able to jump from Baby Shark to Adore shows how much fun and diversity there is for players to enjoy.
At E3 2018 I took part on stage with a mix of attendees and professional dancers at the Ubisoft booth for a challenging but hysterical group dance and thankfully at-home players will operate either solo in smaller groups.

The look of the game is similar to prior games in the series as the focus is on the music and moves versus detailed characters and backgrounds which would likely only distract players. Some may say this factor may show that the series is not offering enough new content with each new release and perhaps it would be better to simply update the prior version and allow people to add new music via downloads.

This claim is removed with the addition of a Quick Play mode which offers a random shuffle so players do not have to debate which songs to attempt next as they will have a song assigned.

With people isolating; the ability to get some good exercise and laughs while dancing to some great music makes Just Dance 2021 the perfect fit.

4 stars out of 5