M1 EVO Smart MTB Helmet

Greetings & Salutations Everyone!

Well, it’s 2021. We’ve made it this far during one of the most tumultuous times in our planet’s history. If it means anything, I hope you are all well and safe and those nearest and dearest to you are also well and safe. I have not done any movie reviews in quite some time.

Been focusing mainly on work and looking after myself and my family. Honestly, I did have one movie I was asked to review before the end of the year but it was such a downer I honestly couldn’t push myself to recommend it. Shakespeare probably would’ve called it a tragedy. I might change my mind and do a write-up on it in the near future but that’s for another day. Today I get to share my thoughts for a product review. Something that might actually come in handy. With things being the way they are, many folks are looking for any sort of advantage with regards to maintaining a daily routine as far as work, exercise, and commuting when necessary. Cycling is definitely a choice to consider. You get to where you need to go, exercising and working out is covered, you save a fortune on automobiles/insurance/gas/etc, and the best part is you’re able to avoid A LOT of people. Social distancing by default.

As you may or may not know, I’m a bicycle commuter and have been for nearly 25 years. I commute on average between 30 to 40 miles a day getting to and from work. One of the essentials obviously when cycling is protecting your skull. Always wear a bicycle helmet. In most places, it’s the damn law. The current bicycle helmet I use was actually made by a company that specializes in making body armor for law enforcement and military use. That’s how seriously I take it. Another MUST for the long bicycle commutes is music.

You’ve got to have your tunes. The problem with that is, you also have to pay attention too and be aware of your surroundings. Now obviously it would be an act of lunacy to use headphones or earbuds. I use a Bluetooth speaker which is great and all, but I have to take it with me when I lock my bicycle up or it gets boosted right? What if you need to take a phone call? Generally, you don’t want to answer the phone if you have to take your hands off the handlebars right? What if it’s an emergency though?

Well, now that worked on the build-up let’s get to the heart of the subject matter, shall we?

SENA Technologies has managed to create a versatile, durable, unique bicycle helmet that actually makes you want to get out there on your bicycle and get to where you’re going. The M1 EVO

smart bicycle helmet. This helmet combines the latest in helmet safety and manages to put so much tech into it you might just decide to forgo work and keep on riding.

This helmet includes a built-in taillight, FM radio (with up to 10 channel options), and an intercom system with up to 9 channels that allows you to communicate with other cyclists (courtesy of a built-in microphone in the helmet’s brow) using the same tech for up to just over half a mile, and noise control. All you need to do is charge it up via the USB port, download the app from either the Apple Store or the Google Play store and you are good to go.

Thanks to the app, the helmet’s taillight set-up can be used just like a turn signal for extra safety if you’re sharing the roads with vehicle traffic or to alert your fellow cyclists. I recently took a pair of the helmets for a test run with my dad (The Old Man) and even though he’s hard of hearing and deals with tinnitus (ringing in the ears), he was actually able to hear my communicating with him via the helmet’s intercom system quite clearly.

The unit retails for about $139 to $149 depending on the retailer. Considering a top of the line helmet without the tech goodies will cost about the same, that’s one hell of a deal.

The audio quality of the radio/speakers is pretty damn good considering. One of the pluses of the recessed speakers is you still get good audio while still being able to be aware of and focus on the noises around you allowing you to keep your attention on the road or the trail. The battery life depends on the usage obviously. It takes about two hours to charge. Taking advantage of all the tech, my best guess is you have at least 4-8 hours.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this helmet for the everyday bicycle commuter or the weekend rider. Safety meets convenience. You can’t go wrong.