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Published on February 11th, 2021 | by minshewnetworks


Best 5 Cult Movies about Casino Games

Big money, expensive clothes, and endless entertainment at all times were considered attributes of luxury life. In the real world, a person can feel the atmosphere of dolce vita after being fully immersed in luxurious casinos where multi-million dollar winnings are possible. Hollywood could not ignore this theme, and hundreds of films are set in the greatest casinos with best games in the world.


Moreover, some movies with plots based on gambling entertainment are recognized by professional critics and ordinary viewers as true masterpieces of cinematography and have received high ratings. In the article, we are going to overview 5 iconic titles that will blow your mind and illustrate the gambling community in detail.

Ocean`s Thirteen, 2007

Inseparable swindlers found out that their friend was cheated by billionaire Willie Bank, the owner of the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas. Danny Ocean, who feels pain from any injustice, invites his team to restore parity. Modern followers of Robin Hood decide to pull off the heist of the century, which will jeopardize Willie Bank’s gambling empire.


Noble robbers quite quickly draw up a plan to ruin a new casino of a dishonest money-bag, but life brings its own adjustments to their scam. Friends have to turn to Bank’s main rival and their longtime enemy Terry Benedict for money. He agrees to help Ocean, but demands from the fraudsters not only to destroy Bank’s gambling house but also to steal diamonds hidden in the most impregnable place of the carefully guarded casino.

Casino, 1994

Sam Rothstein, the manager of a large casino, achieved his position through close relationships with the mafia. He knows all the ins and outs about the game of roulette, about the work of slot machines and card betting. Sam is considered the most successful casino manager, but his professional skills are compromised amid personal problems in his marriage to former prostitute Ginger. Somehow our main character loses his authority among gangsters and tries to solve this tricky situation. Probably, if Sam learns how to win while playing a roulette game online, he will succeed as well and even boost his income.

Casino Royale, 2006

James Bond, British intelligence agent MI-6 is aimed to take part in a major poker tournament to complete his new assignment. His goal is Le Chiffre, the investor of terrorists and an avid gambler who in case of a loss will be under the hood of the special services. Bond is allocated $10 million for a secret operation. Agent 007 tries to understand the intricacies of poker and for some time he manages to beat the banker. However, Le Chiffre successfully bluffs, and James Bond almost fails his mission.

21, 2006

Confident professor of mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Mickey Rosa carefully hides his past when he was an avid blackjack player and with the help of rigorous mathematical calculations beat the casinos of Las Vegas. But giving up on good money gambling is not easy. As persona non grata in all gambling houses of America, Rosa organizes a secret club of her students and teaches them how to count cards and place big bets on time. What things can spoil such a marvelous plan?

Ocean`s Eleven, 2001

The good-natured swindler Danny Ocean gets out of prison and finds out that his wife has gone to another guy. She left the unfortunate fraudster and chose Terry Benedict, the owner of the largest casinos in Las Vegas. Ocean develops a cunning plan that will allow him not only to improve his own well-being but also to return his beloved wife.


In conclusion, we must admit that if the main characters tried to enjoy free casino games, they would not have so many troubles with the police and the law. Nowadays, online casino games prevail and brick and mortar halls become less popular among gamblers. However, when we see the atmosphere of old good offline casinos of Vegas, our nostalgia is awake. And it is always pleasant to dream of the past, isn’t it?


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