CBD Hemp Flower Sour Diesel – Breeding Tips

The original intent of cannabis hybrids was not just to make this plant more popular or profit from its variety but rather to make it immune to certain diseases. Plants with high resistance can be used in various places and stand different conditions. That means higher yields and better quality of buds. As seen on https://cheefbotanicals.com/product/cbd-hemp-flower-sour-diesel/, that is why some strains are highly valuable today.

One of them is Sour D. This cannabis variety comes from the famous Sativa strain, which has been used for centuries as a medicinal and recreational plant. It has many powerful natural healing properties, as well as an incredible amount of energy. These two factors have been the basis for the successful growth of this new cannabis strain.

Sour Diesel Composition


Accurate information about the true origin of Sour D can rarely be found, given that breed as such has gone through many stages. Experts believe that it is the result of crossing Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, two strains from the Diesel line (these plants have a taste or smell like gasoline).

Both strains abound in THC, but CBD from these plants popped into the first plan with their crossbreeding. The goal of this experiment was to lower the potency of the THC in the new hybrid strain. And the breeders finally made it in the early ’90s, inventing a Sour Diesel.

Some Diesel strains have high amounts of specific vitamins and minerals, as well as high concentrations of THC. But the Sour D takes this one step further, producing a robust, highly potent Sativa plant. It offers many different benefits and is a favorite among many users.

Healing Properties


Most CBD in Sour D’s ‘parents’ was found in their flowers. That is why buds of this new, hybrid strains abound in this beneficial cannabinoid. Still, they kept just enough THC to achieve the entourage effect. On this link, read more about it.

Due to its highly energetic profile (because of Sativa origin), Sour D happens to have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect. That can be beneficial in reversing atherosclerosis or similar diseases, which occurred as the result of infections.

Regular intake of Sour D flowers also reduces pain due to its pronounced analgesic effect. CBD from these buds improves blood flow and lowers high blood pressure. That cuts the risk of heart diseases. Check this source to learn how CBD acts on your body.

Moreover, CBD found in Sour Diesel cannabis helps with anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and other psychological disorders by preventing the action stress hormone. This strain has a pretty fast action, so it can be quite handy if you suffer from panic attacks or when you want to prevent stage fright.

Sour D Breeding

Due to its woody appearance, Sour Diesel plans have a high fiber content. This feature makes it the so-called heavy crop. It is used in many fiber circles, including the paper industry. In many countries, it’s the material of choice for many things, from clothing to paper. Its durability and strength make it one of the most desirable strains for breeding purposes, even if you are a beginner.

Sour Diesel is excellent for growing indoors. It can withstand some degree of temperature fluctuations, which is ideal for indoor farming. Growers can even be confident enough in their techniques to try growing Sour Diesel outdoors. However, it will require a bit more care and attention.

When fully developed, the plant blooms to resemble a grape with a dark green to pinkish color. That can be quite a sight, especially if you have a larger yield.

How to Start


First, you’ll need good ground. The soil will help keep your plants healthy and growing at their best, so you must work hard to get the best dirt possible. One easy way to ensure this condition is to buy a simple starter soil from most garden centers. You can then mix your fertilizer into the starter or apply fertilizer directly to the plants after planting.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that your plants receive a high supply of water and nutrients. Water is essential for all plants, but with the Sour Diesel strain, the excess of water can be magnified because it lacks hydroponic drainage. To remedy this, use an economical pond filter explicitly made for growing cannabis. That will ensure that your plants get the water they need without drowning in the process.

Finally, you should give your plants some light. Sunlight is crucial for all plants, but cannabis has low-light requirements. Any type of light will do, especially for indoor yields. Sour D likes a lot of it, so keep that in mind when trying to establish the lighting as a new food source for your plants.

Dark, shady areas are great for your plants, but just for a while. Try to place these stalks somewhere to have both light and dark, in different periods of the day. This will provide them with the proper amount of radiation, especially during the flowering period.

You can also have great results by using a Cookies Seed Bank to maximize your results.



Many people would love to get their hands-on Sour Diesel but are hesitant because they do not know what strain they should grow. Thankfully, with the wide array of information available about this fascinating variety, any potential breeder can understand how to identify this beautiful, sweet, and aromatic strain. Even better, with proper care, growing this impressive variety can produce some of the best hemp seeds you can ever lay your hands on!