Will Online Gambling Lead the Industry in 2021?

This past year has certainly changed many business perhaps in a more permanent way as plenty of adjustments will be needed moving forward to ensure customer safety and to ensure a safe reopening, but not all that closed will be able to find a path back to recovery as over a year of closures may become just too much – this has certainly been seen within gambling and betting as many land-based options have had to close permanently as news of hundreds of store closures had hit late last year, but could this lead to an online future for the gambling as a whole throughout this next year?

(Image from casino.org)

For many the answer certainly already looks to be a resounding yes as the huge support for online services has been around for quite sometime and the uptick in people taking advantage of unique online features like this Hollywood Casino promo code for example suggests that it is almost an inevitability – but that isn’t to say there aren’t certain restrictions that could inhibit the growth in certain spaces. Notably online regulation is still changing as the big markets adjust to the growing online space that isn’t entirely defined yet, and with some even still outright banning forms of online gambling and betting there is a lot of ground to cover yet.

On the other hand, there may not be any choice but to be more accepting – with the closure of brick-and-mortar locations there may be no other direction for the remainder to turn but to online platforms, for those still reluctant to allow the change it may lead to a rushing of regulation through just to keep the growing markets alive. Similarly, the growth of purely online spaces with the likes of esports, there’s a huge amount of support for the adoption of regulation around betting on virtual sports and all of the gambling practices that come alongside those too like what had been seen over the past decade with loot boxes and microtransactions. Although some have already taken a look at these practices and are aiming to make them much safer for the consumer particularly as links towards the likes of loot boxes and gambling have started to grow, it does at least bring attention to the growing markets that are still out there that have received little attention until now.

Change is certainly on the way, it’s hard to deny the huge successes being seen, but the question will remain at just how much change is needed and how much will be put into place – falling short could lead to further delays in the booming growth, and being a little too lax could leave room for more savoury options to grow – players of all ages and demographics are starting to get involved, so its more important than ever to get things right as soon as possible.