Croteam Offers Up Serious Sam 4 Modding Tools

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Croteam celebrates 20 years of Serious Sam by delivering a powerful suite of free
official modding tools and Steam Workshop support to Serious Sam 4
ZAGREB, CROATIA - March 23, 2021 | Croteam is proud to announce the launch of the
powerful suite of official Serious Sam 4 modding tools in Serious Editor 2021,
powered by Serious Engine. The official modding tools are available now on Steam
and are followed by full Steam Workshop integration.
“Modders have always been the backbone of our community, expanding Serious Sam games
with crazy modifications of all shapes and sizes. Some of the total conversion mods
we have played throughout the years were absolutely impressive and have kept our
games alive for years,” said Davor Hunski, Serious Sam 4 project lead and CCO at
Croteam. “We can’t wait to see what the modding community has in store for Serious
Sam 4.”
The Serious Editor's newest version comes with numerous improvements and new tech
features such as a brand new terrain editor, improved battle systems, vehicle
support, and upgraded scripting tools. All of this combined provides the modders
with everything they need to insert a piece of their own vision into Serious Sam 4.
In celebration of 20 years of Serious Sam, along with the huge Serious Sam 4 update,
Croteam has published a new update for Serious Sam 2 (2005). Created by one of the
stand-out Serious Sam 2 modders and long-time Croteam members Nathan Brown, this
update delivers a slew of gameplay improvements, as well as 12 previously unreleased
multiplayer maps. For more on that update, please visit Serious Sam 2 on Steam
As a sign of appreciation for all the love our fans gave us over the course of two
decades, all Serious Sam games are heavily discounted in a special Serious Sam
Anniversary Sale on Steam