A Guide to Equipment Needed for Hemp Extraction


Before you buy CBD oil, the manufacturer must extract it from the hemp plant. They use hemp extraction equipment to achieve this. The machines remove the coveted compounds in hemp so you can enjoy its full benefits. And like any type of kit, you may wonder which machine will give you value for your money.

There are different pieces of equipment for hemp extraction ranging from small, portable machines to large, complex ones. Some use carbon dioxide while others use alcohol as their solvent. So if you want to venture into the business of hemp extraction, this guide contains all the information that you need.

Why You Need Hemp Extraction Equipment

Below are reasons you need to get equipment to extract hemp.

1. Production of Potent, High-Quality Oil

The machine is essential if you want to get high-quality oil. There are different models in the market; therefore, you need to be careful when selecting one. However, the extract quality depends on the hemp plant’s grade.

Also, the smell and taste of the extract increase after the extraction. You can visit https://vocal.media/potent/how-to-choose-the-best-cbd-flowers to know how to choose quality CBD flowers.

2. The Size of the Machine Varies

If you have limited floor space, you may worry about getting an extracting machine. But this should not be an issue because various sizes are available. You can find those that are neither big nor bulky. They may even function on a tabletop.

Also, there are machines that are portable such that you can switch their position at any time. There are also those that are big, and you can choose any one depending on the size of your industry.

3. Fast Processing

Some machines work faster than you may imagine. Some machines process 6 to 22 liters of hemp oil in less than two hours. As a matter of fact, hemp extracting machines are among the speedy processing devices in the market.

4. Flexible Operation Mode

The machine gives you the freedom to choose between non-solvent and solvent-based operation modes. Some extraction processes include propane, butane, carbon dioxide, and alcohol, among others. You can read this article to know more about hemp extraction methods.

5. Guaranteed Standardized Quality and Safety Control

The machines are exceptionally manufactured. Some bodies like ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) certify them as versatile machines. Also, they are safe and will not pose any harm to the operator when used appropriately.

Parts of a Hemp Extracting Machine


The equipment has different components that work together to generate viable results. Because of the way it operates, you can customize its parts. Let’s discuss the parts of the machine.

1. The Automated Screen

This screen is automated to make it easy for you to operate the equipment. In some cases, you can enable a touch screen to make it more comfortable. Also, its widescreen allows you to follow the extraction process keenly.

2. Loading Lids

The lids are pneumatic, which means you can fill them with air to make them tight-fitting and stable. Fixing of the lids can be done automatically or manually depending on the operation mode of the machine. You can tighten the lids using spanner, bolts, or nuts. However, this must be according to the manufacturer’s specification.

3. CO2 Gas Booster

This component is customizable, that is if you want to use the carbon dioxide method of extraction. It efficiently converts gaseous CO2 to liquid. Afterward, the liquified CO2 is reused or stored temporarily.

4. Extraction Cylinders

These cylinders merge to form a powerful unit. They provide a huge capacity for extensive extraction. Maintaining a working temperature of 266 degrees Fahrenheit helps to adjust the extract quality.

5. Reactors

They are high-quality, efficient, and safe. Their material composition is 316 grade of stainless steel, which makes them suitable for beverage and food production. They are also sterilizable and come in different sizes such as 100L, 20L, and 5L.

6. Heat Exchanging Unit

This unit is made with stainless steel material to reduce the possibility of corrosion. It is designed to restrict the destructive activities of cryogenic CO2, a destructive gas that can affect other components of the machine.

There are different types of hemp extraction equipment depending on the method of extraction you choose. However, they basically have the same parts as those discussed above.


In this guide, we discussed why you need an extracting machine for your hemp extract. We also discussed the basic components of the machine. Some of these parts are customizable, so you can adapt them to whichever method of extraction you choose.