Baseball Superstars 2021 Arrives For Mobile

Just in time for the season openers.

Baseball Superstars 2021 (BSS), the latest version of GAMEVIL’s flagship fantasy RPG baseball series, is available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Players can field a hand-picked team and square off against other players around the globe or choose from a variety of single-player game modes as they train to become the best in the galaxy.

The Baseball Superstars series has provided years of imaginative baseball experiences to fans, and the latest update brings even more content and fresh gameplay to the diamond. New features this season include an all-new Live Global PvP mode, allowing players to challenge rivals around the world, and the Happy Weekend PvP Weekly Ranking Matches encourage players to battle to the top of the leader boards.

To celebrate Baseball Superstars 2021’s release, several in-game events are available now where players can earn coveted rewards. King Tiger’s Support grants successful players with [UR] Trainer King Tiger + King Tiger Limited Edition Costume, while Super Progress Support helps players earn Gold and [SR], [SSR] and [UR] Level Up Memory, and Trainer Recruit Support allows players to earn up to 220 Trainer Recruits. These limited-time events make now the best time to start playing BBS! For more information on event details and end dates, please visit the official community page:

Baseball Superstars continues to be one of GAMEVIL’s most popular IPs for casual gamers and hardcore players alike with its easy-to-learn and competitive gameplay, iconic trainers, endless customization options, and adorable graphics that welcome everyone to experience a fantastical spin on the classic sport.

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