Talking For All Mankind And GLOW With Casey W. Johnson

Recently we got to ask Casey W. Johnson about his career as well as his work on the show For All Mankind.

How did you get into acting and what was your big break?

Movies and T.V. shows have always played an enormous part of my life since I can remember. Pursuing it after High School was a no-brainer for me. As soon as I started to take acting classes I was hooked. What got my foot in the door was when I booked “Glow.” It was my first recurring spot on any series and only fueled my passion for acting even more.

What sort of prep work did you do?

My prep work starts out with reading the script first. Before anything else I always read the script through, to get all the information that the writer(s) have laid out. Then putting the puzzle together of who the character follows that, which involves a lot of exploration and imagination of just understanding how and why the character is who they are. Time is the most important for me, rushing to start on a character and being as slow as I can to “finish” that character while always leaving room for the unexpected and allowing change and adjustments along the way.


What attracted you to the part?
Well, if they hadn’t told me who my character was I think just the creatives behind the show and overall plan/idea of the show was more than enough to get me excited about this opportunity. Then the cherry on top was how close I grew to Danny. I feel as if I connected with him as soon as I got the audition.


If given the opportunity to go to space in real life (say with SpaceX), would you go? Why/why not?
I feel like it’s almost impossible to say no to this question. My curiosity wouldn’t allow me to decline such an opportunity. I’m so taken aback just by how diverse our world is. Even traveling to any place an hour away from where I live can be an eye-opening experience. Marveling at how different our deserts are from our mountains or beaches is a vacation in my mind. Therefore, being able to go to space and see first-hand what it’s like and how beautiful our universe is would be a dream come true.


GLOW and now FAM both set in the 80’s, is there another decade that you would like to work in? (besides present day)
I might get a little heat for this answer, but I have to say the 2000’s. Everything 2000’s has been sparking that nostalgic feeling inside of me these last few years.


What else do you have coming up?
We just started production of season three on For All Mankind. We are very excited to be back working again. I will be working on it for the next couple of months.


How have you been spending your time in isolation?
I went back home to my family for about six months. Spent a large amount of my time with them and soaking up as much family time as I could before going back to work. Also, I picked up some new hobbies. One being disc golf, which is just like golf but with frisbees. It helped me tremendously with getting out into nature and keeping me active.