Star Wars: The Bad Batch Delivers The Action, Stories, And Characters Fans Should Love

The latest Star Wars animated series has arrived on Disney+ and is poised to be as big as the Clone Wars series that preceded it.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch follows a group of Clones that were introduced in the final season of The Clone Wars and gives fans a look at the largely unseen events of what happened after the Empire first took power.

The Clones, known as Clone Force 99 are the results of mutations in the cloning process that have kept them as functional yet possessing enhanced skills and some less than desired traits such as an inclination to be less obedient than their fellow Clones.

Hunter is the leader of the group, Wrecker has enhanced strength, and Crosshair is an expert Marksman thanks to his enhanced vision. Tech is ideal with all things technological, and Echo has enhanced Cybernetics due to his captivity during the Clone Wars.

The series opens with a 70-minute premiere which gives the show ample time to establish the setting and characters as they find themselves dealing with the end of the war and the rapid new developments of the rise of the Empire and Order 66.

Since they are not conventional Clones; the Bad Batch finds themselves questioning the order to eliminate all Jedi and are not sure that what is happening around them and with their fellow Clones is something that can support and be a part of.

This causes the unit to become renegades and fugitives in a rapidly changing Galaxy. The look, pacing, and style of the series is in keeping with Star Wars: The Clone Wars and has some solid action and a darker and very intriguing premise and storylines. Favorite characters from the Star Wars universe are planned to appear and the premiere does not disappoint with appearances that propel the story and help establish the tone and setting well.

It will be really interesting to see where the story goes as the series unfolds as the twenty-year gap between Episodes III and IV have plenty of room for exploration. The launch of the series was very enjoyable and provided everything that fans loved about Star Wars: The Clone Wars and looks to be another smash series for Disney+. I cannot wait to see where the show will go next as I am already hooked.