DUSK Is An Engaging Retro Shooter Which Shows How The Genre Should Be Done

I am late to the party with this one but DUSK is a game that I have been aware of since it was first announced but only recently had a chance to play. For fans of First Person Shooters and especially those who played early genre classics like DOOM, DOOM 2, and The Wolfenstein series; the recent trend of Indie developers making retro-looking shooters has been growing. While most have been fairly mediocre; there have been some such as Ion Fury which captured the Pixelated action that players embraced before 3D cards became widely used and eventually a necessary part of gaming.

DUSK lovingly blends old and new as it even has a DOS-like startup menu while the game loads to provide plenty of loving nostalgia.

The game is broken down into three chapters and tasks players to survive a dangerous cult and the various creatures and enemies they encounter. The gameplay is fairly simple as players gather weapons, ammunition, health, and other items and dispatch enemies as they race through a level to find various keys needed to open locked doors and advance to the end of the level.

Players will have an impressive arsenal at their disposal from pistols, shotguns, machine guns, hunting rifles, a Rivet gun, grenade launchers, and a sword. All of which will come in handy as there are multiple enemy types that lurk in the darkness.

Players will have a flashlight as well but be warned; there are maps where it will not be functional in certain parts and having to fire guns to provide temporary lighting in order to find a well-hidden path to advance will test your patience.

Players will also be able to double down on some weapons and dual Shotguns can be very enjoyable but may not have the rate of fire that players need.

There are also power-ups along the way that can speed up a player’s rate of fire and other enhancements to help move things along.

Levels were generally very fun and engaging and provided plenty of solid gameplay and enjoyable moments. There is a multiplayer aspect that features the old Deathmatch format but I was unable to find anyone in any of the games during the times I checked.

DUSK was a winning mix of nostalgia and action and had some very clever map designs and sequences such as one frustrating one where gravity was upturned and forced players to be very patient and creative.

I hope we see a DUSK 2 in the near future as the game is a winner and can show bigger studios how to make an engaging shooter that gamers will love without the mega-budget bells and whistles.

4.5 stars out of 5