Nintendo Announces a New Title That Lets Players Build Their Own Games: Game Builder Garage

Very recently, Nintendo has announced a future title dubbed Game Builder Garage. Very similar to the Toy-Con Garage mode that is included in Labo kits, this new and upcoming game will feature a variety of extensive tools and interactive lessons that will teach individuals how to make games of their own (small ones, that is). Players will be able to share these games with other people as well.

Nintendo’s website has a description of Game Builder Garage that claims the game teaches “the basics of game design and visual programming with step-by-step lessons created by the minds at Nintendo.” This wide arsenal of tutorials and guides will teach players how to “program” a total of seven different games by teaching players a series of different logic strings. We suppose we should call it software instead of a game, but nevertheless it will teach you how to create a variety of game types, including a game in which you navigate a maze via motion controls, as well as a one-on-one race.

These lessons aren’t the only thing Game Builder Garage will offer. It will also feature free programming options that will allow you to create your own games, not just the ones the lessons teach you to make. Provided you have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, you will also be able to not only download games made by other people, but also share the ones you make with them.

Nintendo’s website reveals that there will be multiple ways to create games in Game Builder Garage: you can use the buttons of course, but also the touch screen if you are playing with a Switch Lite or in handheld mode. If your system is docked, you’ll also be able to use a mouse via USB port while playing.

Game Builder Garage will be released for the Switch on June 11, and it will cost $30 at retail. It’s already available for pre-order via the Nintendo eShop and a variety of typical retailers. As far as size is concerned, the game is roughly 10.5 GB if you buy the purely digital version.

This is not actually Nintendo’s first time diving into game creation software. Nintendo’s Labo kits for the Switch came out at an earlier date, and featured a Toy-Con Garage that also allowed players to program their own small games. As for Game Garage Builder, Super Mario Builder 2 is also part of the system, and will let you design and share Mario style levels similar to the classic games.

Of course, it goes without saying that Game Builder Garage isn’t going to let you make full scale, AAA title size games. You’ll be able to make small games, but the potential is limited. Game Garage Builder isn’t a tool to fully get into building your own games, it’s a learning tool that will help you get your foot in the door in regards to the building blocks of game development.

There has been a shortage of Nintendo Switch consoles over the last 12-14 months but it is possible to find them at various retailers.