The Razer Viper Ultimate Is A Game Changer In Wireless Gaming Mice

Razer has upped the game in the wireless gaming mouse arena with the release of the Razer Viper Ultimate. While wireless gaming mice are not a new product; this mouse is a bold and progressive step forward especially for those who have been reluctant to move away from a traditional chorded mouse.

The mouse has a very sleek profile and fits comfortably in your hand; its ambidextrous design feature helps make it accessible to all gamers and the charging dock allows for users to charge up between uses. For those who prefer the best of both worlds; gamers can connect the USB cable to the mouse and use it as a corded option when they need to charge while working or gaming.

Some of the technical specs on the mouse include 8 programmable buttons, 5 onboard memory profiles, and 70 hours of battery life which ensure users will have plenty of time to work and play between charges.

The real test for any mouse is in the performance and with a light 74G mass; it will not be a chore to move the Razer Viper Ultimate around. The 20,00 DPI sensitivity and advanced tracking really make this mouse shine as reaction and precision are always key. We tested the unit and found the Sniper rifle offered even better precision and response times than we were accustomed to even for a player who does not use this weapon on a typical basis.

Desktop function proved very solid as did the Hyperspeed connection that Razer touts offers a 25% increase over other wireless gaming mice proved to be very real. In many cases, the Razer Viper Ultimate outperformed corded high-end mice in gaming and desktop response times. While some may say it is only fractions of a second; any serious gamer will tell you that is often a key element between success or failure when the action heats up.

The mouse comes in four colors which include a Cyberpunk 2077 design to give gamers a range of choices to best suit their tastes.

While many manufacturers like to blow you away with a list of features and functions; Razer lets the Viper Ultimate speak for itself and the proof is clearly in the performance. The unit has performed above expectations to date and I look forward to trying it with some of the pending releases down the line.

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Wireless Gaming Mouse – Razer Viper Ultimate