A Quiet Place Part II Delivers An Amazing Sequel And An Epic Cinematic Experience

I remember watching the first film in theaters with two other friends and I kid you not, we all were like those little hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil figurines. For days I couldn’t get over how amazing A Quiet Place was and was so excited to hear a part two would be coming out. The entire audience was at the edge of their seats from beginning to end as almost complete annihilation consumes the screen.

We start out at the beginning of the attack with a prequel of sorts. It reminded me of the Walking Dead or any post-apocalyptic film really. In this genre, there is always some sort of supernatural force or sickness that ravages the earth and we must go on a quest dealing with the fear of an unknown outcome of such a quest. That part is obviously a given however, it is the excellent cinematic storytelling that John Krasinski has done that makes this film and the last superb.

A Quiet Place 2 starts out with a “prelude” on what seems to be a normal sunny day at the ball field. Little does everybody know that this would be the last time anybody would ever be able to enjoy a family outing again. Then all of sudden panic and terror erupt when a strange object comes crashing through the sky. The tension builds as suddenly the seemingly blinded beasts begin to attack everybody within earshot forcing those who survive to be absolutely silent. If that isn’t enough to pull you in I don’t know what else would. Here is where we are left where the last film ended. Lee (Krasinski) has sacrificed himself for his family leaving his wife; Evelyn (Emily Blunt), newborn baby, Marcus (Noah Jupe), and his hearing-impaired daughter Regan (Millicent Simmonds) to survive alone. After a long but difficult survival, the family had to learn how to stay safe from the creatures that nearly massacred the entire planet. They know how to keep the creatures at bay but will they find out how to save everybody?

As with the last film, I am still in awe at the performance of Millicent Simmonds with her expressiveness and outstanding acting skills. She takes the lead in the film finding that there has to be others out there that might be able to help her family. After days of accumulating and coming up with a plan to find others, she sneaks away to save not only her family but doing so for her father’s memory as well.

While the movie was great, the first one is the best. I think it was because, for most of the film, we were left to our own imaginations with what these creatures look like. As with everything in life, most people are afraid of the unknown. From the beginning of the story, we don’t know what these creatures look like forcing our minds to come up with our own type of scary. There are a few jump scares that had me jumping out of my seat. I feel as though they could make another film depicting what happens after all this. It basically leaves you wanting more. This is what a great film is comprised of. Also no need to stay until after the credits on this one. Look forward to A Quiet Place 2 at theaters near you on May 28th.


4 out of 5 stars!