The Ever-Growing Role of Sea Creatures in Various Gaming Streams

It’s no secret that the gaming industry is continually evolving to bring forward-thinking ideas to the table. In recent times, first-person shooters, sports games, television crossovers, and many other themes have risen to prominence. However, a desire to bring revolutionary concepts to the online bingo and mainstream gaming market has opened the door for more diverse subject matters to establish themselves as go-to gaming trends.

As such, sea creatures are now commonly integrated into modern-day developments. So, let’s take a look at some games that feature sea-based animals.

Crustaceans Are Finding a Home in the iGaming Sector and Beyond

Themes are integral to the online casino industry because of their ability to captivate players and create a story. As such, there’s always scope for exploration and expansion, and this has paved the way for crustaceans to establish themselves as a go-to-theme.

By definition, crustacean refers to a large family of sea creatures, including lobsters, and these large marine animals are the inspiration for Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo at The title, which combines bingo with slots, is one of many Slingo games at Paddy Power, but it’s unique in adopting a lobster-based theme. The 12-payline development incorporates Golden Lobsters in different countries, and these activate various in-game bonuses.

As well as showcasing that bingo and slot crossovers can be successful, Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slingo also showcases that there’s a place in the online casino market for crustacean-themed titles.

The trend of integrating lobsters into modern-day games has undoubtedly caught on in the past few years. Outside of the Slingo sector, Maulidan Games released Lobster Empire onto the PC market in December 2017. The game centers around building a crustaceans-based business and developing fishing techniques through hiring lobstermen and sending them on fishing missions, as per

The Theme’s Diversity Provides Avenues to Explore

While lobsters lead the crustacean gaming journey, they’re not the only member of the sea family at the forefront of gaming developments. Neo Aquarium – The King of the Crustaceans is a Calappa Games creation that hit the market back in June 2015. The title takes a more action-packed approach to explore deep-sea concepts, with the in-game creatures being laser-enhanced playable characters, according to

From Slingo hunting to laser-filled combat, the crustacean trend is exploring a whole host of different approaches. That said, in light of the recent battle royale craze, Robot Squid released Kings of Crabs back in July 2020. The title is available on both PC and smartphone, and it allows up to 100 players to battle across numerous multiplayer modes in their pursuit of becoming the King of Crabs. Moreover, the free-to-play game also features various collectible items, including unique skins.

Are Crustaceans Here to Stay in Gaming?

If the emergence of crustaceans in the gaming industry tells us anything, it’s that future trends are tricky to predict. However, the steady stream of lobster and crab-themed games indicate that the concept may have longevity. Should this prove to be the case over the coming years, it may only be a matter of time before more sea-based games hit the Slingo and mainstream gaming markets.