Lego Movie World At Legoland California Launches In Grand Style

Recently we were invited to attend the Grand Opening of Lego Movie World at Legoland California. The new land is themed after the Lego Movie series and offers fans of all ages a chance to get closer to the lore and characters from the films.

We arrived for our check-in and soon were on our way to the new land which was dazzling from the moment we first entered. It was literally like stepping into Bricksburg. From the cleverly named “Everything is Ramen” to the various attractions; the fun and detail level was clear from the go.



The expansion is the largest in the history of the park and it was clear from our first look how much time and attention to detail had been applied in order to make it a fun and immersive land for all guests to enjoy and one that will become a must-visit for guests.

After a reception; the opening ceremonies started as we met the Mayor of Bricksburg and were given an introduction by Kurt Stocks; President of Legoland California before we were entertained by dancers, and various characters from the film. The overview introduced the new attractions and after the ceremonies concluded in grand style with a sky full of streamers; we were ready to explore what Lego Movie World had to offer.

Our first stop with the biggest of the new attractions; Emmet’s Flying Adventure Ride which takes guests on a thrilling journey of sights, sounds, and smells on a three-story flying couch. Once seated we titled back and then rotated into the arena where we took flight over Bricksburg and were given a candy scent to help enjoy the ride.

The forest offered a pine scent and there were others along the way including sea spray as we engaged Pirate ships. This was simply amazing and worth making the trip to the park for in and of itself as it was a thrilling, fun, and spectacular experience.

Up next we visited Queen Watevra’s Carousel where guests could select from traditional or stationary horses as well as two seating areas to enjoy a modern take on a classic attraction.



There was also a Build Watevra You Wa’Na Build zone where guests can let their imaginations take over and create whatever Lego creations they desire.


Unikitty’s Disco Drop offers guests a fun take on a Drop Ride theme as it is not as tall, jarring, or intense as other of its type and is ideal for younger guests and adults who are not willing to plummet to earth after shooting to the heavens.

Benny’s Playship ride offers additional fun but what was a huge draw was Emmet’s Super Suite where visitors can view his apartment and meet Emmet and other characters.


The new land offered so much that it was perfect in and of itself if that is all your visit consisted of. Since we had not covered the park previously we took some time to explore and saw many of the great attractions the park offers and marveled at the amazingly detailed recreations of classic landmarks that were constructed by Lego bricks.

Since our schedule was a bit crazy; we did not experience all that the park had to offer and had to make the long drive home sooner than we would have liked. That being said; Lego Movie World is an amazing new entry for the park and with their combined offerings of Legoland, Legoland Water Park, Sea Life Aquarium; and themed hotels, makes this a must-visit location whenever you are in the area as it is well worth repeat visits and we cannot wait to visit again and share the awesome park with our Granddaughter.

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(photos and videos by Gareth and Genevieve Mc Bride)