SteelSeries Brings Affordable Upper-End Performance To Gamers With Their Rival 5 Mouse

I have been using the Rival 600 from SteelSeries since launch so when the Rival 5 arrived I made the switch to evaluate the new mouse.

The Rival 5 comes in at $59.99 and unlike the $79.99 priced Rival 600; does not allow users to customize the weight of the unit with removable weights.

The Rival 5 focuses on a set 85g weight to make it both durable and ideal for casual and competitive gamers alike. The sleek unit fits well in your hand and unlike some mice with raised backs; this unit fits naturally in your hand.

Since the mouse is designed for games ranging from FPS to MOBA, Battle Royale, and MMOs; customization is very important and the Rival 5 handles this well thanks to nine programmable buttons with ergonomic support. The fact that five of the buttons are quick-action and located on the side of the mouse adds to the ease of use and customization options.

The real test of any mouse is how it performs and thanks to their TrueMove Air Precisions Optical Gaming Sensor, The Rival 5 has true 1-1 tracking which allows gamers a precise and fast response without needing any additional movements or notable lag in their performance.

This is key since the Rival 5 was designed with fast-paced gaming in mind so programs like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, The Division 2, Borderlands 3, and others performed well.

There are over 16.8 million color combinations available so gamers can set a custom look for their unit and with Golden Micro IP54 Switches users can know that their Rival 5 will last and be a dependable unit for years to come.

When the performance and features of the Rival 5 are factored in as well as the price, it is a great option for players as it provides next-level features and performance at a price far below what others often charge for similar performance and features and makes an ideal addition to your system.

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