Sabre Team And Shadoworlds Come To GOG And Steam

This classic Retro title is coming back to Steam and GOG users for those who want some nostalgia.

Get ready to squad up and once more dive headlong into the breach, as Ziggurat Interactive today is releasing two classic squad-based tactics games as part of their Retro First Friday program. These two games, Shadoworlds and Sabre Team, were benchmark titles of their time, and Ziggurat’s pleased to bring them to modern gamers via Steam and GOG, and at a special Retro First Friday discount! Whether it’s the dark and dangerous isometric corridor crawling of Shadoworlds, or the in-your-face breach ‘n clear infiltration action of Sabre Team, these Retro First Friday releases are sure to challenge any aspiring commander!

These two outstanding games are available at a 33% discount on Steam and GOG for the next week!