Role of a Workers Compensation Attorney

Injuries sustained from work can hurt your income and savings. It is common to get injured at work, from falling and breaking your arm while climbing a ladder to getting a herniated disc when lifting items. The workers compensation law is designed to help workers who get injured to get compensation.

Therefore, you might need a workers compensation attorney to help you get compensated for damages incurred from the injuries. An experienced attorney, such as Monge & Associates, will take advantage of their great experience handling workers compensation cases to handle your case. However, how exactly will a workers compensation attorney assist your case?

Investigate and Gather Evidence

The most important part when handling a workers compensation case is the evidence. You have to prove the accident caused the injuries or damages. A workers compensation attorney will ask you several questions about the accident, look into the medical reports, talk to witnesses and consult medical experts, if necessary. After gathering enough evidence, your lawyer shall begin the process of recovering the damages.

Inform You of Available Benefits

There are several types of benefits available for you, depending on the types of injuries you sustained after the accident. These benefits may include permanent total disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, medical benefits, and income loss. Workers compensation cases are all different, so an experienced attorney will look into your case’s facts and develop a plan that suits your injuries and damages.

Answer Your Questions

While recovering, you might have numerous questions on getting your compensation; a workers compensation attorney will have the answers for you. One of the most common questions people ask is whether they will get compensation if the accident is their fault. It doesn’t matter who was at fault; you are entitled to the workers compensation as long as you were injured while carrying out your duties as an employee.

Another common question is if one qualifies to be compensated, an employer with more than three employees has to get insurance for their workers. The insurance covers all the injuries sustained when on duty. Part-time workers can also qualify for workers compensation if they are employed regularly.

Get You Maximum Compensation

A workers compensation claim is a complex issue with a lot of paperwork, and if you pursue it on your own, you might not file the paperwork appropriately. Experienced attorneys have vast knowledge in dealing with workers compensation claims, and they will apply all the necessary laws to ensure you are awarded the maximum amount available for you.

The insurance company is looking to pay the lowest amount possible. Hence, hiring a lawyer to represent you will be a good decision as they will cover all the loopholes the insurance companies might use to give you a small payout.

You should note that the first thing you do after getting injured at work is to immediately report the injury to your supervisor or employer. Fill out all the necessary medical claim forms, and make sure you keep the copies. You should visit a doctor for medical treatment; most of the time, your employer will have a designated doctor for workplace injuries. You can then contact a workers compensation attorney for advice and legal representation.