Despite A Slower Paced Start; Loki Looks To Be Another Hit For Marvel And Disney+

The third Marvel live-action series of Disney + has arrived and it brings the fan-favorite Loki (Tom Hiddleston) back to cause more mayhem with a dose of wit.

The show opens with the events of the alternate timeline shown in “Avenger’s Endgame” where Loki escapes but soon finds himself in the custody of agents of a temporal agency who are tasked to stop variants in the timeline. Since Loki is not only a Variant but a menace; he is a liability that needs to be “corrected”. He is saved from his fate by an agent named Mobius (Owen Wilson); who is convinced that Loki is essential to solving a larger threat endangering temporal continuity.

Naturally, since all time and space is second nature to the agents and they are well aware that Loki is scheming and not to be trusted but they believe they are able to stay ahead of him and control him thanks to their ability to see and manipulate time.

This premise allows Mobius and Loki to jump to various points in time to research the threats and try to resolve the growing issue. Naturally, this results in various humor-filled moments and also some very humanizing moments where the audience does see that Loki has regret and remorse over his past actions.

I was able to see the first two shows in the series and look forward to seeing how the show unfolds as the interactions between the two leads are great. The biggest issue I had is that there are elements of the show which dragged for me. At a 52 minute or so run time; I would have liked to see more action and less sitting around the office discussing a Jet Ski and various musings.

The second episode does indicate that there are darker themes ahead and more than one scene indicates what is to come in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe in regard to the Multiverse.

It will be interesting to see where the series leads but the slower pacing is easily overlooked but the great work of the leads and Loki looks to be another hit for Disney+ and Marvel.