Is Bigger in Gaming Always Better?

In its current format, gaming has been around since the 1980s. Every year there are various video game industry shows, like E3, which showcase new hardware and software that will eventually reach the consumer market. Naturally, gaming is expected to become bigger and better than ever before. However, in gaming, sometimes bigger and grander isn’t necessarily better. Sometimes scaling back and producing a gaming concept that is simple yet enjoyable is more important. So, what scaled-back premises have been popular across various gaming formats?

Untitled Goose Game

The premise behind the Untitled Goose Game is exceptionally simple yet provides hours of contentment for players. You are the antagonist, a goose, and your aim is to cause as much trouble for a picturesque quaint village as possible. Spawned from the cheeky nature of the real goose, the game puts the player in the shoes of the villain for once.

The gameplay and graphics are straightforward and allow players free reign to cause as much mischief as possible. The game doesn’t take itself too seriously yet is still entertaining and provides a dose of necessary excitement. Available for several consoles, Untitled Goose Game can be played across the board.

Fluffy Favourites Slot Game

The Fluffy Favourites slot game brings all the fun of the fair to its players. The game is themed around the plush toys you might win at one of the games of the funfair. In the same way that landing the ring around the bottle or knocking down the coconut shy elicits excitement, tension, and a prize, spinning the slot’s reel to see the same fluffy favorites does the same.

Taking something prone to tension and adding slot gameplay to it has helped Fluffy Favourites make a mark in a crowded slots market. Sites like Buzz Bingo are naturally drawn to games like this, as their communities encourage good and positive times for players who might not necessarily want something brash and dominating. Overall, this particular game has benefitted by having a simple design.

Games don’t come more straightforward than It may sound as though it was conceived as a last-minute idea when an executive forgot to prepare for a meeting, but the game stars the player as a sinkhole. Your objective is to eat as much of the town as possible while avoiding other holes that have the same objectives. Larger buildings take longer to eat than smaller ones and thus score you more points.

Like the original Snake, where players ate cubes to grow bigger but then had to watch out for the issues that come with being bigger and easier to attack, is all about strategic thinking. is played on mobile devices and represents the form of hyper-casual mobile game that helped make mobile gaming so prolific.

Gaming doesn’t need to be overly complicated or to whisk players to random magical worlds. Sometimes the best games are those that come from an executive staring out of a window and suddenly being struck with an idea. Often, these turn out to be the games that stand the test of time.