Could Slingo Soon Usurp Traditional Slots?

A few years ago, hardly anyone had heard of Slingo. Now, the hybrid game is everywhere. As you may have guessed, Slingo is a portmanteau of slots and bingo. Developers took two of the internet’s most loved games and mashed them together to create a highly enjoyable brand-new title. Now, there are various different ways to enjoy Slingo games, and they are one of the primary draws of online bingo sites. Whether they can usurp slots, however, remains to be seen.

Slingo is Rising in Popularity


Since bingo moved to an online setting, the competition between sites has grown fiercely. Operators have had to come up with ways to entice players, and one of the main methods has been by offering exciting new games. Slingo was an old concept that first emerged in 1994. However, the online bingo industry was non-existent at this time, and it didn’t take off massively. The success of online bingo sites has provided a platform for the game to flourish.

The amount of Slingo games that players can choose from highlights how popular the hybrid title is becoming. There are more than ten games at These include a variety of themed games based on popular culture, including Slingo Britain’s Got Talent and Deal or No Deal Slingo. The latter TV show is so famous that even Meghan Markle used to appear on it, as written about at The fact that there are diverse themes for Slingo reveals that a wide demographic of players is starting to play it. The games are similar to slots in this regard.


A Hybrid of Two Hugely Popular Games


Combining two hugely popular things is a great technique for developers. With Slingo, the creators have been able to appeal to bingo fans as well as slots players. The mechanics of the games are, perhaps, more in line with the latter. But they do feature a bingo card with numbers that need to be eliminated in order to achieve victory.


In the past, the games were used to draw players in so that they would then be encouraged to play other options at bingo sites. Nowadays, though, they are as big a draw for online bingo sites as their bingo and slots offerings.


A Long Way to Go to Beat Slots


Although it seems as though Slingo could be set to challenge slots, it still has a lot of catching up to do. While Slingo games are evolving and taking on more themes, slots are also progressing. Some recent innovations such as the Megaways engine from Big Time Gaming show that slots will never stop getting bigger and better.


The slots industry also has a much wider amount of choice at the moment. For Slingo to challenge slots, developers may need to start coming up with a greater number of games relating to popular culture such as films and television shows. There have been some classics based on TV series over the years, with some like Game of Thrones listed on

There is no doubt that Slingo is an exhilarating and original new way to play online gambling games. It is steadily growing in popularity, but it may take a while for it to catch up with slots.