A Beginner’s Guide to Playing Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular free-to-play games on the list of battle royale games. It is fundamentally a game of survival. You will need to master the basics and learn the necessary skills to be the last person standing. This beginner’s guide will give you all the information you need to get started.

Your Game Settings

The first thing you will see most professional gamers recommend in their guides is making the appropriate changes in your game settings. If you are using a PC for gaming, it is best to purchase a monitor that has a good refresh rate. You will want to run the game on the monitor’s native resolution and keep the 3d resolution at a hundred percent.


Make sure to turn off the Vsync as it is known to cause latency issues during the gameplay. Turn off your motion blur as well. Set the mouse sensitivity to the level that you feel comfortable with. This is important for your firing accuracy in the game. If you are using PS4 or PS5, increase the brightness as much as possible and turn off the motion blur.

Start Practicing

If you gave this game a few tries, liked it, and now want to improve your skills and become a professional, you must start putting in the practice. Professional gamers, in particular, put a lot of time into practice before a competition.

You can practice by playing on the custom-made maps. These training maps will help you get a good grasp on the game mechanics, help you develop your unique playing style, and allow you to master the weapons.

You can also start watching the live stream of Fortnite on popular streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch. You can watch how professional gamers like Tfue and KingRichard play and get inspired. You will also have a fun time watching these live streams.

Choose Good Weapons

There are many great weapons for you to choose from, such as the Flint-Knock Pistol, SCAR, Combat Shotgun, Drum Gun, Compact SMG, and more. If you love to use a sniper rifle in other games, you should get your hands on the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle.

Check out the popular weapons for whatever season and chapter of Fortnite you are playing. Try out every gun, see how it feels to use, and then go with the ones that suit you the best. The pump shotgun can make you a formidable player if you know how to use it well. Never miss out on getting your hands on rare weapons which come in orange and purple.

Prepare Yourself

The game starts with you dropping down from the sky. You will want to know all the right landing spots and make sure that you don’t get killed. The right landing spots will have some great chests to loot from. Pick them up much as you can. You will need to know all the loot routes for this.


You will be building a lot of things in this game. So, you will have to practice how to build walls, ramps, and structures using wood, stone, and metal in a short period by using hotkeys. The metal structures take the longest to build and have great HP. You will also need to shield yourself well with shield items and get your hands on the right healing items that will give you the most HP.

Try to pick the battles that you are sure you will win and go into the battle fully shielded. Correct assessment of risks and proper team coordination will ensure your team’s success. You will want to have a good rapport with your teammates.

Make Use of Hacks

If you feel the enemies are cheating, well, so can you. You can use aimbot for more realistic aiming, automatic shooting or no recoil. You can also use a radar hack to find out where your enemies are. By using a fortnite hack, you can easily level the playing field.

How You Can Shoot Better

You will need to know how, when, and where to shoot. For instance, you can consider switching guns quickly instead of having to take damage from your enemies while you are reloading your weapon.

Always aim for the head and at the bottom floors of the enemy base. Always destroy the enemies at their roots, i.e., rush at the enemy base at the right time and destroy them. Keep moving and jumping to avoid getting too much damage.

In Conclusion

The tips provided in this beginner guide are based on experience. Make sure to follow them all as much as you can, and you are surely on the way to become a professional Fortnite player in no time. More importantly, remember to have fun while you are at it. You can have a great time with your friends playing Fortnite on the weekend.