Great Gifts To Keep Big Kids Entertained This Summer


If you aren’t going away this summer and you have a partner or loved one that needs some entertainment, then you might want to think about buying them a great gift to play with. The right tech gift can provide someone with hours of fun and ensure that they don’t get bored over a long summer season. This could also be a great idea if the weather isn’t going to play ball and it seems like they are going to be stuck inside a lot. The options below are ideal for older teens or even adults that love fiddling around with the latest tech available on the market.


Virtual Reality Systems


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First, you might want to explore virtual reality systems. Virtual reality systems are incredibly fun and far more advanced than you might expect. Indeed, it’s possible to get virtual reality systems these days that feel incredibly real. It’s just a case of deciding on how much you want to spend. There are also budget-level systems such as the Oculus Quest. While this won’t provide the same advanced experience, the Quest does come with a lot of games that you can explore. Indeed, there are games for every genre and thus every preference or taste. If you buy an Oculus Quest, then the big kid in your life will be able to choose the games that interest them the most.


You might be worried about the health issues that come with using a VR system. It’s fair to say that you should be careful with these devices and you need to try and avoid using them for more than a couple of hours at a time. If you use these devices too frequently, then they are going to cause headaches, particularly if they are not the best quality. You might also want to think about the individual that you are buying a device like this. If they have epilepsy or a similar condition then they are going to struggle to use a system like this. They certainly are not made for everyone.


Drone Fun


Alternatively, you could also think about exploring a drone for your loved one. Drones can be great fun and come in a variety of different styles and sizes. For instance, you can get basic drones that are designed to be flown close enough so that you can monitor them visually. There are other drones however that are equipped with cameras. This means that you can fly them further and higher, using the camera to track their path and ensure that you don’t lose them. The big benefit of drones is that they do give you a brand new perspective of an area. As such, they are particularly useful or interesting for anyone who is fascinated by hobbies such as photography.


You just need to make sure that you are choosing the right drone based on the experience that you need. One of the ways that you can do this is by using sites such as These sites provide all the information that you need and will ensure that you understand whether a drone is going to suit your preferences. It will provide information on learning curves and how easy a drone is going to be to fly. Some drones will take a little more time to get used to.


Remember, if you are buying a drone then it is always going to be important to familiarise yourself with local laws. In some locations, there are significant restrictions and how and where you can fly a drone legally.


Gaming PC Build


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You could also think about buying them a gaming PC. You might think that the best way to experience gaming is with a console. Even if you could get your hands on an Xbox Series X or a PS5, these are still not the most advanced gaming systems. Instead, the gaming PC is the right answer. You can buy these straight out of the box. Or, alternatively, you can think about building one from scratch yourself. If that’s the case, then you could think about gifting your loved ones some of the parts that they need. This could include graphics drives and the right main system.


Building your own gaming PC is a highly rewarding experience that does take time and effort. However, it’s difficult to argue with the results. The right setup will provide a system that offers graphics and performance levels that are quite frankly, out of this world. The other big benefit of building your own gaming PC is that you can design it for the specific type of experience that you want. You can choose what type of features you favor and ensure that you do get the ultimate gaming experience.


If you are wondering how much this is going to cost, it certainly won’t be cheap. That’s why we recommend gifting a part of a gaming PC build rather than paying for the entire system yourself. You can learn more about building your own gaming PC on


Home Cinema Set Up


Finally, you can think about gifting your loved one with a home cinema system. Or, perhaps just part of one as a full home cinema set up is going to be quite expensive. The big benefit here of course is that it means you won’t have to worry about always heading to the cinema to watch the latest films and to get the full experience. Instead, you can think about enjoying more movies from the comfort of your home.


To get more from your home movie-watching experience, you do need to think about your sound system. After all, the sound is definitely one of the aspects that makes the cinema experience stand out compared to watching a movie at home. You might think that to get a great sound you need an expensive and elaborate setup with multiple devices. However, this is not the case. Instead, you can think about just investing in the right soundbar. There are lots of different soundbars and some do provide advanced sound options that are going to be perfect for watching movies in the comfort of your home. You should pay close attention to the number of channels that a soundbar provides. The more channels it offers, the clearer the sound will be.


A major issue when using a soundbar is that it can be difficult to make sure that you hear voices clearly without explosions being deafening. You can avoid this, if you make sure that you choose a soundbar with at least a few channels and set it up the right way.


Smart Train Sets


Finally, you might have someone in your life who loves trains. Playing with trains is something that you don’t really grow out of. Indeed, there are adults that still love breaking out their old train set at the weekend. You could think about surprising someone like this with a smart train set. These are great fun and provide you with a more flexible, exciting experience. Choosing different parts will determine how fast trains are going to travel as well as the level of steering that is needed to keep the trains firmly on the track.


We hope you love these tech-friendly gift ideas that a big kid in your life is sure to adore. If you explore these possibilities, then you can provide someone with hours of fun and ensure that they do remain entertained over a long summer season. Particularly if they are going to be stuck indoors.


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