Taboo Of The Black Eyed Peas And Jessica Tseang. Discuss Native Americans In Pop Culture At Comic-Con At Home

This sounds like a very interesting panel and it will be great to hear what they have to say.

Comic Con @ Home is proud to present the panel, Native Americans in Pop Culture with special guest Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas and writer of Marvel Comics’ Werewolf by Night, moderated by international comic book historian Jessica Tseang.


Entering its second year, Comic Con @ Home provides a virtual experience for everyone to enjoy from the comfort of their own Fortress of Solitude, Batcave, or favorite spot on the couch.


On Friday, July 23, 2021, starting at 12:00 pm noon, this virtual panel will be available and free to all viewers. Click here to access the panel or click this link below:


Much can be said about the importance of Native American representation across all forms of entertainment. As a member of the Shoshone tribe, Taboo shares how the industry has changed, what is being done right, and the future for Native Americans in Hollywood.


For those interested in incorporating representation of Native Americans in projects, this panel provides invaluable information.