Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Adds New Legendary Characters

Interesting update here. I am curious what fans will make of it.

Com2uS today announced new updates for Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes, the turn-based mobile RPG game based on Activision’s IP. Starting today, users can claim a new legendary character and explore a variety of new adventurous new content in the latest update.

You can find more details about the latest update below:

New Skylander – Thumback

  • Players can now claim the new legendary water element Skylander, Thumback, who possesses a unique appearance as a personified whale with a huge weaponized anchor. Thumback has a wide range of powerful skills, and can jump in the middle of enemy lines causing damage to the entire enemy, as well as a debuff skill where they interrupt the opponent’s management of its endurance.

  • Users can complete various missions every day until August 6 to summon Thumback and claim a Pick-up Summon Ticket as a reward. Users can also participate in a special check-in event where they can collect various items needed to upgrade their Skylanders.

New Adventure Content

  • A new episode has also been added to the PvE content Adventure Scenario. The new “Black Dimension” content consists of 10 attribute themes and can be entered only on specific days of the week, according to each theme. Users can acquire items necessary for evolving the Skylanders through a single-round match against a boss armed with unique skills.

Expanded Evolution System

  • Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes has expanded its evolution system to make the game even more fun! Users can build a more powerful deck by evolving their characters who have already reached the maximum level to the next level through this update.

More information can be found on the official community website at