X-Men Fandom Surprise Party – The Sequel: Comic-Con At Home

One of the many great things about SDCC are the surprises as you never known who and what you will see in panels and walking around.

They were told it was just a fandom panel, but what these unsuspecting X-Men mega fans didn’t know was that secret celebrities were waiting on Zoom to drop in and surprise them with a special appearance. Tune in as celebrities Shawn Ashmore (X-Men, X2), Leah Williams (writer, X-Factor), Bill Sienkiewicz (artist, The New Mutants), and George Buza (Beast, X-Men: The Animated Series) surprise the panelists Samantha Rei, Morgana Ignis, Rex Ogle, Michelle Waffle, Justin Otero, and Dylan Carter.
“We are so happy to bring this panel back to Comic-Con once again. It brings Chandler and I a lot of joy to use this platform to connect fans with creators and build these unique experiences that bring them together,” says Chris Riley, co-host of X-Reads Podcast.
Watch the virtual event now as X-Reads Podcast presents the X-Men Fandom Surprise Party – The Sequel for Comic-Con at Home 2021.
WHO: Shawn Ashmore, Leah Williams, Bill Sienkiewicz, George Buza
WHAT: The X-Men Fandom Surprise Party – The Sequel presented by
X-Reads Podcast
WHEN: Saturday July 24th at 6:00PM PT