The Turtle Beach Recon Offers Great Features As Long As You Do Not Mind A Wired Connection

With the arrival of newer consoles comes the rollout of new peripherals to take advantage of the new systems. Turtle Beach has addressed the rollout of the Xbox Series S/X with the Recon controller.

The wired controller offers compatibility with Windows 10 PCs as well as the Xbox one for those looking to have a bridge between the older and newer systems.

The ergonomics of the controller are designed for long play sessions as they are designed to resist fatigue and keep your hands cool.

The audio controls of the unit are easy to reach and you can easily control the mix and settings without major disruptions to your game or difficulties.

The unit also offers “Superhuman hearing” which allows footsteps, reloads, and more to come through clearly and thus giving players an advantage for those keyed on in-game sounds.

Another nice feature is the addition of two programmable buttons with Pro-Aim abilities located on the underside of the unit which help the long-range accuracy in games.

The controls are very responsive and the vibration feedback of the unit is good and will keep players engaged and happy with the performance.

The unit connects with the USB cable and the biggest difficulty I had was adjusting from a Wireless controller to sitting closer to the console than I normally would. While this would not be an issue with PC use; come console owners may find this to be an adjustment.

The unit will also support a 3.55 MM Headset which will incorporate many of the audio enhancements and offer a new level of immersion into the game.

The unit is available in either a black or white model and the $59.99 price point is in keeping with other controllers on the market.

If you are able to work with the lack of a wireless function; the Recon offers great performance and features at an affordable price.