Why Indie Games Are So Much Better Than AAA Games

If you are bored of playing the popular AAA games and want to be bold and try something else for a change, you will definitely want to consider playing Indie games. Many gamers shirk away from indie games because of the preconceptions they carry. This article will go into why indie games are actually so much better than AAA games.

You Can Easily Afford Them

If there is one thing that is well known among gamers, it is that AAA games cost a fortune. You can get several great indie games for the price of one AAA game. Also, you won’t have to worry about spending any more money on the Downloadable Content Packages (DLC) or having to spend money on all sorts of customization in the game.


You will find that even the most well-made and successful indie games like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Furi and Braid are still quite affordable. After all, if your objective is to get a few hours of entertainment and relaxation on the weekend, why bother spending all your hard-earned money on AAA games?

Creative and Original

If there is one thing that you can count on in an indie game, it is the artwork. Indie games have stunning artworks and visuals that are rarely ever seen in AAA games. Indie developers are constantly pushing the envelope and exploring uncharted territories. You can try some beautiful indie games like Ori and the Blind Forest and Hyper Light Drifter.

These games have terrific and unconventional storylines. Even with the promise of endless hours of entertainment and amazing gameplay, a game will not feel quite right if the story and narration are poor.

Most AAA games happen to neglect storyline and character development and entirely focus on graphics and hyper-realism. Remember that many of the games we love from the past never had great graphics to offer, but it was the gameplay that makes us still revisit them.


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Seamless Gameplay

While most AAA games have many fascinating features and possibilities of exploration to offer, you will notice that they usually have lots of bugs in the game. Gamers who have been waiting to play these AAA games and have pre-booked them become very frustrated and let down.

The developers take their sweet time fixing these bugs and releasing their patches. However, you may hardly encounter such issues in indie games. Even if you do, you can be assured that the indie developer will be very responsive to the gamers and fix the bugs in no time.

They Can Be More Satisfying

Most AAA games, especially the open world and sandbox-style games, requires tremendous focus and commitment. For instance, games like Fallout 4 or any game from the Far Cry series will need you to spend hours and hours trying to finish it.

Many AAA games nowadays offer open-world gameplay. Although these games can be quite breathtaking to experience, they are nonetheless time-consuming, and eventually and you might find the novelty dying down with time as well.

If you are not interested in having a serious level of commitment to a game and just want to get some good old entertainment, try some indie games. Most indie games are not really that long. They offer great gameplay. The gameplay can be quite unique, challenging and have some interesting game mechanics that you might not have ever seen before.

And most games nowadays come from franchises, and they are basically the same gaming experience being repackaged repeatedly in different ways. While this can be a great thing, you might want to look towards indie games if you wish to see real innovation, originality, and creativity. Indie developers are really passionate about what they do, and they are not bound by the rigidities that famous developers usually experience, such as budget and regulations.

In Conclusion

Indie developers are undoubtedly the unsung heroes, innovators and pioneers in the gaming world. They bring about things that have never been seen before and create their very own niches. Hence, you might want to play some indie games and make sure you don’t miss out on the brilliance.