10 Smart Ways to Get More Live Stream Viewers



If you’re passionate about game streaming but are determined to get more viewers, there are several simple strategies you can try. Gaming is all about networking so once you’ve put the time and effort into reaching out to more followers, you’ll see your viewer and subscriber stats start to go up. It’s also essential not to neglect your viewers and to keep surprising them with exciting and engaging content. Live streaming is getting more and more popular, so why not take advantage of this? Showcase your gaming skills to the world. Here are ten smart ways to get more live stream viewers.


Be active on social media


If you want to boost your online presence, you need to be active on social media. This is the case whatever you’re trying to promote. There are millions of potential viewers to reach out to on social media. Advertise your videos or channel across multiple platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. If you keep your accounts updated and post regularly, this will help you to engage more followers. If you post relevant content, they’ll hopefully share this as well.


Reach out to your followers


In order to get more live stream viewers you need to reach out to your existing followers. So if you were going to deactivate instagram, you might find yourself reactivating it soon to get that contact list back. If you engage regularly with your followers on social media you can develop meaningful relationships. This will help to encourage your followers to spread the word about your personal brand. Remember to communicate with your viewers via the chat window you use as well. Platforms such as Twitch are designed to be interactive and you need to play your part to help enhance the experience.


Remind them about your live streams


Don’t let your social media followers forget about your live streams. You can schedule reminder posts using automated tools. Set these to be posted automatically a day before and again an hour before the event. This is an easy way to announce your live stream and won’t cost you any extra time. Make your reminders catchy and enticing so potential viewers can resist, and they may even tell their friends.


Post previews


You could also post previews of your videos. You could create teasers, trailers, or use old material. If you don’t have the time or resources to create some sort of previews, another fun way to support your live stream announcement with memes and GIFs. You can find the perfect GIFs online. Choose the ones that convey the overall tone you want to go for.


Optimize your video content for SEO


If you want potential viewers to be able to find your video content online, you need to optimize it for the search engines. Create keyword rich titles and meta descriptions, create an engaging thumbnail, add a transcript, and more. This way your content will be more likely to appear at the top of the search engine results pages. Here is a complete guide to video SEO.


Don’t leave your viewers waiting


It’s essential to stream regularly and consistently. Stick to a schedule. Always stream at the same time and aim to meet your viewers’ expectations. This will make it easier for them to plan in watching your videos or channel as well. Leaving your viewers waiting may result in them losing interest otherwise. It may require a lot of time and commitment but it will be worth it if you want to keep your loyal viewers and increase the numbers as well.


Create effective call-to-actions


Entice your followers on social media to engage with your live stream by posting effective call-to-actions. You can also include these on your personal website. These could be as simple as an enticing phrase, such as “watch now” attached to a click button that’s linked directly to your live stream. You could also use these to convince viewers to subscribe or for your followers to get you more referrals. Here are a few more tips on how to create effective call-to-actions on social media.


Use analytics tools


It’s important to constantly monitor your performance and progress. Try using livestream analytics tools which will help you visualize relevant data such as number of viewers and when, and for which event. They’ll also allow you to make sense of other viewing habits. Choose the right metrics to enable you to understand and improve the performance of your live stream. Many tools have advanced features allowing you to even analyze chat box trends, average viewers, viewer preferences, and more. You’ll discover what your audience tends to enjoy the most and how to leverage this to get more viewers.


Repurpose old content


You can also use tools to restream video events. These are automated so you can repurpose your most popular previous content without it being too time-consuming. You can find out which are the best video events to restream by using data analytics. You could schedule recurring events, pre-recorded sessions, clips, and more. Post plenty of engaging video content on your website and social media accounts as this will give potential viewers a taster of what they can expect from your live stream. This could also help to boost the SEO of your site as one of the most important ranking metrics according to Google’s latest algorithm is level of engagement.


Remember to enjoy it


However much time and effort you decide to commit to promoting your live stream, the important thing is to enjoy it. You’ve become part of a growing community and will have plenty of opportunities to reach out to more people. Focus on playing the games you love and maintaining passion for what you do. Viewers will pick up on this as well. Ultimately, this is what will enable you to develop more confidence on screen. Live streaming is a great hobby to get into and while increasing numbers may be a priority, remember to have fun along the way.