Types of Gaming Chairs

Like the other facets in the gaming world, gaming chairs have undergone a revolution, and they are now better and more comfortable.

You even have many gaming chair options to choose from.

Have you been shopping for gaming chairs, and you have been confused by the many options available as you wonder how they differ from one another? To help you out, here are the various types of gaming chairs with their pros and cons:

PC gaming chairs

They are the most popular gaming chairs in the market. In fact, they are the first thing that comes to most people’s minds when they think about gaming chairs.

The chairs have designs similar to those you find in racing car seats, and this comes in handy at providing you with supreme comfort and endurance.

The chairs have height and recline adjustment features, comfy armrests, lumbar support, superior headrests, and detachable cushioning to make you even more comfortable. Classic examples of these chairs are the League of Legends chairs.

These chairs shine in the comfort areas as they provide you with superior support to the lumbar areas and other critical areas of the body. The chairs also encourage proper sitting position, which aids in eliminating stress and straining even when you spend long hours on your games.

While the chairs are great, they are specifically designed for PC gaming, so they might not be suitable for other gamers.

Rocker gaming chairs

They are similar to the classic rocking chair, as they also have no legs and base. While the chairs stand directly on the floor, they rock, which is an exciting feature.

Due to their construction, they are best for console games, and as a PC gamer, you are bound to find them unideal for you. The chairs’ L-shape and the fact that you can adjust them to your desired posture through sitting and reclining makes them one of the most comfortable chairs you can use as a console gamer.

Racer chairs

From their name, these chairs are designed to cater for racing games, and they are often made from PVC and genuine leather. Most of these chairs take the shape of PC gaming chairs, where they feature more support, cushioning, and adjustability.

A few resemble the motorsport vehicle bucket seats, and as you can guess, these provide the ultimate gaming comfort.

The basic racing game seats come with armrests, backrests, casters, and height adjustment, while their advanced countertop arts come with steering wheels, brake/gas pedals, and even wheel/pedal support plates giving you a real racing environment.

Although, these chairs are strong and durable and promote proper sitting posture, they are more geared towards racing gamers, so they might not be ideal for other gamers.

Pedestal gaming chairs

They are intermediates between gaming rocker and swivel gaming chair. From their name, the pedestal gaming chairs are a gaming rocker mounted on a solid pedestal that enables you (the player) to rock and turn.

For your comfort, the chairs feature armrests, a headrest, and a backrest. The advanced versions will have inbuilt speakers, racing accessories, and even gaming accessory stands.

While the chairs are highly comfortable and you can easily adjust them to your liking, they don’t have casters for increased movement, limiting your access to gaming accessories.