The Fujitsu 800r Image Scanner Makes Organizing A Breeze

With time and information management becoming increasingly necessary in the ever-changing business world and with more people than ever working from home; organization can be difficult.

Being able to reduce paper clutter yet still keep vital information and documents secure is a challenge for many especially with the time-consuming process of gathering, collating, scanning, and storing the original documents.

Thankfully Fujitsu has a great option with the 800r Image scanner. This sleek yet fast unit does not take up much space yet allows users to scan documents, receipts, passports, cards, and more with ease and clarity.

Being able to quickly and accurately batch scan practically anything and then be able to select your output destination for easy transfer and retrieval makes the unit a very powerful and handy device.

Being able to keep an ongoing scan of business expenses and receipts is a great example as items can be scanned whenever they arrive, weekly, monthly, or quarterly in order to make an easy to access and retrieve system for taxes.

Another great example is being able to keep travel and office expenses by being able to scan bills, correspondence, receipts, and even employee identification to help retrieve needed documents at a moment’s notice without having to dig through files or risk the original documents becoming lost or damaged.

Recently we discovered that the unit was ideal for scanning tickets, vaccine cards, as well as business cards which is ideal in this changing world where digital verification is a handy resource to have as a backup in case of loss or theft.

The uses for the system were abundant and we have staff in other markets trying it out as we attempt to better organize our business documents and reduce clutter.

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