Fracked Is A Must Own Adventure For The PSVR

Owners of the PSVR will be thrilled with the release of the new action game Fracked which gives players a deeply immersive adventure.

The game opens with players Skiing down a detailed mountain and looking to avoid an avalanche. The movement of the player’s head helps adjust the skis and it was very intuitive and brought back memories of the slopes.

The player soon finds themselves facing an army of enemies who are drilling into the earth and dispatching all they encounter. The player must locate weapons that involve ducking behind cover, climbing up and over areas, loading, and priming weapons, and sliding across chasms.

Enemies take multiple shots and there are also puzzles in the game such as a tricky crane that required players to lower a container precisely to cross a chasm.

The action is frantic and players have to get used to camera angles which are not always advantageous as the enemies are relentless and attack from all angles. This and other aspects of the game do require some patience as using the Move controllers to grip and cross an area and making sure your weapon is put away or loaded and primed in a firefight can test your patience as does the movement system.

My biggest issue was the cover system as at times the angle was not friendly and it was tricky to reorient in the middle of the action. The visuals are first-rate and there is a lot going on. As such, I did find myself briefly disoriented following some play sessions so players who are sensitive may want to keep this in mind as I played the game on a PS5 system.

While some mission objectives at times may be frustratingly unclear and require some trial and error to complete; those who stick with the game will likely find it an enjoyable and highly immersive experience.

While the length of the game is not excessively long; the combat and immersion make Fracked a must-own for PSVR owners.

4 stars out of 5