Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha: PS5 Gameplay

I play shooters on a PC as I really have a difficult time with them and a controller. This mode did not work for me at all as it is basically a Camp Fest. Here is a look at the action on a PS5.

Here are the updated Beta detail.s

Sledgehammer Games announced details for their Call of Duty: Vanguard Open Beta today. Details are at this link:


The Vanguard Open Beta kicks off on PlayStation for early access to those who pre-ordered the game on September 10 -13 and on Xbox/ PC/PlayStation for early access on September 16-17. We’d love to share some beta codes with you so that your staff and readers can get in on the action early. Can you let me know how many codes you’d like for staff and giveaway, as well as what platform works best for you?


Fans can pre-order the game for early access to the beta as well. Additionally, those who pre-order receive the Night Raid Mastercraft Weapon Blueprint (for immediate use in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone), and Operator Arthur Kingsley (to be received later for use in Cold War and Warzone). Head to the following link for additional pre-order info: