Great Ways To Learn Languages By Playing Video Games

When it comes to learning a new language, you can use several effective ways, like paying for a top language program from a respectable organization. However, for those looking for a fun way to learn a new language, playing video games can be an effective tool in your endeavor.

According to several scientific studies, video games can help players learn a second language quickly. This effective language learning tool allows you to immerse yourself in a digital world that’s known to boost brain power and memory strength.

Playing video games also increases connectivity between different parts of your brain, improving your mental dexterity and problem-solving skills. That explains why video games are gaining a reputation as powerful learning tools that can be applied to learn new languages. Here’s why and how you can effectively learn new languages using video games.

Why Learning New Languages by Playing Video Games is Super Effective

  • Positive association

What do you think about when “Language Learning” is mentioned? If your answer is vocabulary lists, textbooks, flashcards, quizzes or exams, then you can easily shake things up using video games. Video games help to make your study methods livelier by creating positive associations towards learning a new language in your brain.

  • In-context learning

While you continue diving deep into your digital adventure, you’ll get to learn grammar and new vocabulary easily. You can also practice new phrases while interacting with people in the virtual world and earning virtual credits. Additionally, you can understand how to use certain phrases by reading the descriptions in a video game written in your target language.

  • Repetition

Even when playing games with complex stories or titles that give you lots of freedom to decide your fate, you’ll be hearing the same words over and over again. That is because each game has core themes, significant events, repeated actions and critical characters that keep popping as you go. That helps to solidify a wide range of vocabularies strongly, and the more familiar you become with them, the more you learn the new language.

  • No Need to put off Study Time

When you combine your study time with game time, you’ll never need to procrastinate or dread studying as it will always be fun.

  • Games are Easily Accessible

Even when you don’t own a Playstation or Xbox at home, you can easily access thousands of games through mobile app stores, Steam and other online platforms.

  • Make More Friends in the Real-World

Most modern games offer you the chance to connect with other players online as you play. Others offer you a common interest that you can discuss with your new friends on websites and forums.

How to Learn New Languages Using Video Games

  • Gamify your Study Time

The best games to start with when trying to learn a new language are children’s games. You might be sceptical about playing these games at first, but they offer immense pleasure to people of different ages and normally use a very simple language that’s beginner-friendly. You’re bound to learn new vocabularies from these childhood games as they’re always designed to help teach the fundamentals of a language to a certain level.

After getting the basics with children’s games, you can scale up and start indulging in games designed for adult learners. However, try and avoid adult games designed for native speakers as they might prove a little difficult to understand in this comfortable middle ground. Such games include titles like FluentU, Influent and Duolingo, to name a few.

  • “Steam” Roll Through

With the PlayStation, Xbox or Wii, any game in a foreign language will be great to learn new vocabularies and phrases. However, foreign games can be hard to come by unless you purchase your games or console in a region that communicates in the language you want to learn. That’s because most games aren’t automatically translated in different languages, except for Steam.

With Steam, most games are available in multiple languages, allowing you to download the one you like. You can easily see the ones that are available in the “languages” section, and you can even see whether the game you want to download supports subtitles only. Fortunately, you can find games available in other languages, even when the characters are all English speakers.

  • Meet Gamers

There are plenty of multiplayer games online, giving you an opportunity to plug in your headphones and interact with fellow gamers. Getting to know other gamers helps you to make more cooperative teams and become friends while giving you a chance to practice a new language, especially when you’re in a group packed with players from non-English speaking regions. There are also lots of subreddits curated for gamers in foreign languages, making the platform a great start to tracking down international gaming partners.