Quake 2021 Is A Classic And Engaging Blend Of Old And New

In 1996 a new game arrived from id software, and like DOOM and DOOM 2 before it; soon set a new standard for FPS games.

The game pushed the technology of the time with its intense action, detailed locales, and relentless action in both solo and multiplayer format and the gaming engine on which it was based would go on to be licensed to power multiple games down the line.

While other entries in the series followed over the years; the affection for the original remained and so when Bethesda announced that the game was getting a remastered version and new content that would take advantage of modern PCs and consoles; fans were eager to see more.

The improved rendering in the game looks amazing as I had to remind myself that I did not experience 3D card-based gameplay until Quake II and the intense Gothic settings never looked better.

Not only is the entire based game and the two add-on packs included but a new campaign called “Dimension of the Machine” is included which contains multiple missions and some challenges which made me remember the old mantra of “save early and save often”, as death is a frequent occurrence while learning the gameplay style again.

The game not only looks good and offers challenges that can be scaled by a difficulty setting; but players will enjoy being able to enjoy co-op play as I was able to join in with a couple of friends and cut down the bad guys using an axe, shotguns, nail guns, rockets, grenades, and the always fun Lightning Gun.

The fun, challenge, and action that made the game such a classic remains and the new content and enhancements not only make the game a nice trip down memory lane; it serves as an introduction to the series for those who were too young to experience it the first time around.

Time has done nothing to diminish this classic and here is hoping we get more Quake in the future.

5 stars out of 5